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how-to-add-a-filter-in-odoo-17.jpg JUL 9,2024 How to Add a Filter in Odoo 17 Search filters in Odoo 17 serve as a comprehensive toolkit, offering users a multitude of options to navigate and analyze their data effectively.
how-to-load-custom-field-to-pos-in-odoo-17.jpg JUL 9,2024 How to Load Custom Field to POS in Odoo 17 In Odoo, a common requirement is to add custom fields to various models like products, customers, or orders.
adding-new-states-to-an-existing-state-field-in-odoo-17.jpg JUL 9,2024 Adding New States to an Existing State Field in Odoo 17 In Odoo 17, states play a pivotal role in indicating the different stages or statuses that records can undergo within the system.
setting-default-value-for-a-field-using-function-in-odoo-17.jpg JUL 9,2024 Setting Default Value for a Field Using Function in Odoo 17 In Odoo 17, the ability to set default values for fields dynamically using functions is a powerful feature that enhances flexibility and customization options within the system.
how-to-add-a-domain-for-a-field-in-odoo-17.jpg JUL 9,2024 How to Add a Domain for a Field in Odoo 17 In Odoo 17, domains for fields act as powerful tools for filtering records displayed or permitted within a particular field based on specific criteria.
adding-a-chatter-in-odoo-17.jpg JUL 9,2024 Adding a Chatter in Odoo 17 In Odoo 17, the chatter feature remains a fundamental aspect of the platform, serving as a central hub for communication, collaboration, and activity tracking.
compute-fields-and-compute-functions-in-odoo-17.jpg JUL 9,2024 Compute Fields and Compute Functions in Odoo 17 Compute fields are special fields whose values are computed dynamically based on other fields or data in the system.
creating-a-basic-module-in-odoo-17.jpg JUL 9,2024 Creating a Basic Module in Odoo 17 Creating a basic module involves setting up the module structure, and defining its metadata in a manifest file.
difference-between-search-and-browse-in-odoo17.jpg JUL 9,2024 Difference between search and browse in Odoo17 In this video, we explore the fundamental differences between the "Search" and "Browse" functionalities in Odoo 17.
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