Odoo Technical Videos

basic-views-in-odoo-17.jpg MAR 29,2024 Basic Views in Odoo 17 In Odoo, views are fundamental components of the user interface that define how data is presented and interacted with within the system.
define-models-in-odoo-17.jpg MAR 29,2024 Define Models in Odoo 17 In Odoo 17, models play a crucial role in defining the structure and organization of your data, providing a flexible and scalable framework for building and extending business applications.
build-a-module-in-odoo-17-using-the-scaffold-method.jpg MAR 29,2024 Build a Module in Odoo 17 Using the Scaffold Method This Video explains about building a module in Odoo 17 using the scaffold method.  Scaffolding is the way of building a skeleton structure for a module in Odoo. It is a single-line command.
urls-and-routing-in-odoo-17-website-app.jpg MAR 29,2024 URLs & Routing in Odoo 17 Website App In Odoo 17, routings and URLs define the mapping between web addresses and specific functionalities or pages within the system, facilitating efficient navigation and interaction for users accessing th
show-sample-data-in-tree-and-kanban-view-in-odoo-17.jpg MAR 28,2024 Show Sample Data in Tree and Kanban View in Odoo 17 In Odoo 17, sample data serves as a valuable resource for users seeking to familiarize themselves with the functionalities and capabilities of the software before integrating their information.
how-to-use-api-constrains-in-odoo-17.jpg MAR 28,2024 How to Use api.constrains() in Odoo 17 Odoo facilitates the implementation of validations for recordsets through Python and model constraints. There are primarily two methods to enforce constraints on variants in Odoo: Python and SQL const
make-a-duplicate-of-your-odoo-17-database.jpg MAR 28,2024 Make a Duplicate of Your Odoo 17 Database Duplicate your Odoo 17 database effortlessly with our ultimate tutorial. Learn the step-by-step process to ensure flawless replication and streamline your workflow. Start duplicating with ease today!
how-to-super-create-write-functions-in-odoo-17.jpg MAR 28,2024 How to Super Create/Write Functions in Odoo 17 In this video, we have discussed how to super create and write functions in odoo 17. 
create-action-type-and-object-type-button-in-odoo-17.jpg MAR 28,2024 Create Action Type & Object Type Button in Odoo 17 Increase your efficiency with Odoo 17 by mastering the creation of action and object buttons. Explore expert tips and techniques in crafting these buttons to elevate your user experience and productiv
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