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install-a-custom-module-app-in-odoo-15.jpg AUG 3,2022 Install a Custom Module/App in Odoo 15 In this video, we are discussing how to install a custom module/app in odoo 15. Odoo 15 development tutorial
extend-models-using-mixin-classes-in-odoo-15.jpg AUG 3,2022 Extend Models Using Mixin Classes in Odoo 15 Extend Models Using Mixin Classes in Odoo 15: Odoo provides the Abstract model to achieve this feature. So in this video, we can discuss how we can use that feature.
how-to-show-a-specific-view-on-action-in-odoo-15.jpg AUG 3,2022 How to Show a Specific View on Action in Odoo 15 In this video, we are discussing how to show a specific view on the action in odoo development. By mentioning the Id of a record in the view_id of an act window
set-access-rights-for-models-in-odoo-15.jpg JUN 24,2022 Set Access Rights for Models in Odoo 15 In this video we are discussing, How to set access right for a model in odoo 15 and its use cases in odoo 15 development.
how-to-use-apiconstrains-in-odoo-15.jpg JUN 24,2022 How to use @api.constrains in Odoo 15 How to use @api.constrains in Odoo 15? The function of this decorator will be called on to create or write actions on the record.
sql-constraints-in-odoo-15.jpg JUN 24,2022 SQL Constraints in Odoo 15 SQL constraints are used to specify rules for the data in a table. Constraints are used to limit the type of data that can go into a table.
install-custom-module-in-odoo-15.jpg JUN 15,2022 Install Custom Module in Odoo 15 In some cases, we need to add new business models or extend the already existing models. That can be done through custom modules
urls-routing-in-odoo-15-website.jpg JUN 15,2022 URLs & Routing in Odoo 15 Website what are URLs and routing in odoo? In this video, we are discussing How to use URLs and routing in odoo15.
storing-data-in-odoo-15-website.jpg JUN 15,2022 Storing data in Odoo 15 Website In this video, we are discussing storing data in odoo15. It includes defining a model with few fields in it.
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