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By: Sree

5 Benefits of Multi-Currency ERP

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Business is growing global. Many business ventures now have branches in other countries and participate in global customers and vendors in the business. The global market is giving increased opportunities to entrepreneurs and investors.

Every small industry now has international customers with an increased facility to ship products. One important factor that any business has to take care of while introducing global business operations is to manage currencies. The currencies and their values ??will be different in different countries and it requires the support of a perfect system to manage transactions without difficulty.

An enterprise resource software with a multi-currency feature can be of great help for the growth of an organization. In this blog, we can take a look at the key benefits of the multi-currency accounting system.

Efficient Global Operations

Multi-currency ensures support to manage any number of currencies. This also helps the management of currencies across the globe. For example, a business in India may have branches in the US, UK, or UAE. SO they have to manage the currencies of all these countries. With Odoo it becomes easy to manage these currencies. As multi-currency management and multi-country management can be enabled in Odoo. International markets open up a wide range of opportunities for the business. Even a new venture can capture the international market with proper management.


Account Consolidation of Global Business

Multi-currency ERP can help a business to easily consolidate all financial statements and account documents. Account consolidation ensures transparency in financial dealings. Translation of the currency and management of the currency becomes simpler with ERP having multi-currency features.


Updates on Exchange Rate 

Exchange rates change every day. A proper system is required to manage the exchange rate and change the price settings and other aspects accordingly. An ERP can automatically set and revise exchange rates and hence speed up the business operations. All accounting related operations become simpler with ERP with multi-currency support.


Auto Conversion of Foreign Currency

Do you find it difficult to convert dollar to rupee or rupee to dirham? Get it done in no time with an ERP with multi-currency support. Odoo ERP with a feature for multi-currency management can easily help the business to speed up accounting operations. It supports managing international sale and purchase prices, employee expenses, and other money-related matters.


Establish a Fixed Rate

At times exchange rates may vary every day. This may create difficulty in managing transactions. Supports a person from the USA purchasing a product from an Indian Company. The exchange rate on the day of the confirmation of order may be different from that of the day when the product is shipped and the amount may vary further on the day of the delivery. Which rate should the customer take into account? To avoid this confusion a multi-currency software helps to fix the rate on the day of the transaction. 

Why Odoo?

Odoo helps you manage all operations. Accounts management, expense management, and all other financial transactions are supported by multi-currency management in Odoo.

Refer to our Blog about Odoo Multi-Currency to know more about the benefits of Odoo ERP

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