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By: Evin Davis

A Complete Guide to Odoo Modules


The functioning of a business nowadays is on the harder side without dedicated functional tools and software solutions. Moreover, a business is established ist managers, as well as the CEOs, are in constant search of finding the preferred software solution for the operation. A business management solution is of vital need in the case of any business, and today we have a lot of them available. Enterprise and Resource Planning solutions are the rightful choice for any company to run their business. A dedicated structure along with the operational capabilities to run the entire business from a single platform is one of the key features of an ERP.

ERP software is a classification of business management software and various software solutions come under this classification. Odoo is one of the ERP solutions that is available today. A dedicated business management software with advanced functional tools for complete business management operations makes Odoo ERP one of the prominent software solutions for business operations today. Moreover, the software has more than 5 million users all over the world irrespective of the scale of business, sector of operations, and the region they function in.

The functionality of Odoo in the company management operation is conducted using the dedicated modules which are available for operations. This is due to the modular structure in design which helps you to use these modules where you can operate the business bases on the various sections and departments. However, all the modules are interconnected to each other for information sharing, communications, and unanimity in business operations. Therefore ensuring that you have complete control over the operations and the various sections have their tools to run.

This blog will provide you with an insight into the complete list of modules available in Odoo ERP.

Odoo is usually coined as the one-stop solution for the business operations in a company. With advanced capabilities and operations from one central platform, the Odoo ERP has grown to be one of the best business management solutions today. In addition, the centralized approach to operations allows the Odoo platform to have only one central inventory and a database for information storage. Additionally, as I mentioned earlier the Odoo platform has a modular structure resulting in providing you with a dedicated module of operation. These all aspects add up the platform to be one of the best and beneficial software systems for business management. Let's now look at the different modules that the Odoo platform offers for your business operations one by one based on the classification Odoo itself has put forward in the Apps module of the platform.

Sales Management

The dedicated sales operations management modules of the Odoo platform will provide you with ample features and operational capabilities to function for your company's sales department. You will use application modules such as Sales, CRM- Customer relationship management, Point of Sale- POS, Sign, Subscription, Contacts, and Rental as the major models. Furthermore, you give supporting modules such as Amazon Connector, eBay connector, and many more.

In addition, there are only the direct applications that you can access under the scale classification, there are also various add ons and supporting optional modules available which will be viewed to you when you remove the Apps filter as shown in the following image.



Odoo understands that you will require various service-providing applications to be used along with the other prominent operational modules of the platform. Therefore, there is a list of service-providing modules such as Projects, Timesheets, Helpdesk, and Field services. However, there are prominent applications under the services tag and there are various other supporting add ons available once you remove the Apps filter.


finance management

One of the vital aspects of a business operation is the financial management operations of the company such as controlling the bill payments and providing the invoices and obtaining payments on them. The Odoo platform has various dedicated accounting management modules that are capable of providing you with dedicated finance management operations for your company.

You have main modules such as Invoicing, Accounting, and Consolidation helping you to run the financial management operations. Along with the main modules you have various supporting modules such as Adyen Payment Acquirer, Alipay Payment Acquirer, Authorise.net Payment Acquirer, Buckaroo Payment Acquirer, Paypal Payment Acquirer, and many more Payment Acquirers which can be designed based on your needs


Inventory management

The inventory management operations are the soul of any company as it revolves around the product moves as well as the functionality of product procurement and management of the warehouse operations on it. In Odoo you have warehouse management modules such as Inventory, Purchase, Repairs, and Barcode. Furthermore, you can integrate various shipping integrators to the inventory mode which are available in the region that you operate.


Production management

If your company is operating in the manufacturing sector the Odoo platform has dedicated tools of management for your production operations. Moreover, you can conduct Manufacturing, Maintenance, Quality management, and Product Lifecycle Management operations effectively with the dedicated modules.



The website of a company is one of the prominent aspects of operation nowadays and Odoo understands the need for an effective website management system and has the right one for you. The Odoo platform has numerous website configuration tools and management application modules such as Website, eCommerce, eLearning, Blogs, Live Chat, Forum, and Online Jobs. In addition to this, you have an effective Odoo website building tool available which helps you to design, develop and create attractive websites just by using block operations.


Marketing and promotion management

Business marketing is inevitable and today it's one of the ways of bringing in more and more customers to your business. Odoo understands the need for digital marketing and provides you with dedicated tools to manage them such as Email Marketing, Events, Social Marketing, Marketing Automation, Appointments, Surveys, and SMS Marketing.


HR management

Human resources are the backbone of any organization and without dedicated tools for managing the entire functioning of the employees will be disrupted. In Odoo you will have dedicated modules for HR management operations such as Expense, Time-off, Recruitment, Employees, Planning, Appraisal, Fleet, Approvals, Employee Referral, Attendances, Skill Management, Payroll, and Lunch.


Productivity management

Productivity improvement in a company will be your prominent way of improving the bruises and profits of the company. The Odoo has various productivity management modules in operation such as Documents, Data Cleaning, Discuss, Calendar, Dashboard, Notes, and VOIP to ensure that you have the productivity monitoring and management tools.


These are the various modules available in Odoo based on the classification of which it can be used. Moreover, you will have access to a Studio application that allows you to create customized modules as per your requirement.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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