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By: Manu menonn

A Guide to Odoo 15 Pos Module and Its Advanced Features

Functional Odoo 15 POS

Odoo 15 PoS module is a feature-rich application in the Odoo platform. The module is designed for efficiently managing single or multiple stores and shops easily. 

This blog will give you an idea on the Odoo 15 PoS module and some of its features 

The module is feature rich and is filled with useful tools for you to create the best business management environment for ensuring maximum efficiency. The module ensures that you receive real time data on product moves in your stock and will give you accurate statistics and consolidations across all shops. Odoo 15 PoS module has separate dedicated features for Shop and Restaurant management.


The PoS module is also equipped with a maximum payment option for easing out the payment options for you and your customers. There are multiple payment methods in the PoS module which the customers can use for payments. The customer can pay through Cash, Check and Credit card. Odoo 15 PoS module allows you to add new payment options as per the region of business or the customer requests. Adding and configuring the payment methods is easy in Odoo. Choose payment methods option from the configuration of the PoS dashboard a shown below.


Click on payment methods to view a list of payment methods as given below.


The create button highlighted above can help you to create  a new payment method. A configuration page will open up to create a new payment method as shown below.


Configure or enter the details as save the method to Odoo. 

Cashrounding is an advanced feature in payment configuration under the PoS module. The Cashrounding feature is used to describe the smallest coins collectively; of the currency used to pay by cash. The feature can be activated easily from the settings as shown below.


Under the payments section click on Cash Roundings to activate the feature as shown in the screenshot given below.


The invoices will be printed automatically generated after the purchase confirmation which can be given or sent to the customers for payments. The accounting module of Odoo is integrated with the PoS module to collect the data on payments done by the customers efficiently. This allows you to make bookkeeping easy and more reliable. As the entire process is automated, no data will be lost or misinterpreted while book entries. 


The PoS module can be used to put up discounts on a product or a group of products. Discounts can be used to generate a huge amount of revenue within a fixed amount of time. Setting up Discounts is easy with the Odoo 15 PoS module. As you can control all of your chops from a single Odoo database you can apply the discount to any shop around the world.

Discounts are necessary for getting more customer attention to Products and it is an effective tool for raising quick revenue. With Odoo you can efficiently manage the Discount procedures. 

Customer programs 

The PoS module is also equipped to deal with the customer and Loyalty programs. Odoo allows you to register your customers to it which will allow you to identify individual customers easily and provide them with a personalised service. You can register your customers to Odoo with their basic contact information such as Mail ID, Phone number. This feature of Odoo allows you to keep track of your customers and their shopping habits and offer them discounts and product information accordingly. The Loyalty points or the Loyalty cards feature in Odoo PoS module will allow you to reward your customers loyalty points and exchange them for gifts or discounts. The points can be earned on the basis of product or by order or the sales amounts.

Shop and Restaurant features              

The Odoo 15 PoS module has a set of dedicated features reserved separately for both Shops and Restaurants. The shop management features will let you manage the procedure on your shops and store efficiently. The PoS module will give a birds eye view over the entire shop and will let you control the proceedings of your employees. With direct access to the cashiers you can look at the income rates and manage the cashiers accordingly. Along with this inventory management is more efficient with the PoS module. Odoo will give you direct access to your inventory to provide maximum efficiency in product management.This will allow you to have maximum control over the inventory proceedings and will help you manage your store or shop accordingly.

The Restaurant feature on the other hand will give you an eagle eye view on the entire proceedings of your restaurant. From the moment a customer enters the kitchen to the checkout process everything can be done and managed with Odoo. The feature is designed to manage restaurants easily. Every tool under the feature concerns effective restaurant management. You can manage the seats and tables effectively. You can have a complete view over your tables and if they are occupied or not. You can effectively manage and plan the tables according to the customers and have a complete view over them as shown in the screenshot given below.


The Kitchen Screen feature of Odoo is one of the most advanced features in Odoo to manage a Restaurant efficiently. This feature essentially allows your kitchen team or chef to view the customer orders and meal preferences and cook them for the respective customers. Your chefs can use this feature to efficiently manage the orders and the procedures on the orders and let the customers know the updates on their orders.


Odoo is a highly integrated platform and every module in the platform will allow you access to maximum performance and many more advanced features and tools. The PoS module is highly integrated to the Inventory module to have direct access to your live inventory data for planning your sales or business accordingly. With the assistance of the Sales module you can generate customer invoices within a few clicks. With the support of the Email marketing module you can track your customers habits and send them special offers and sales notices. Finally the eCommerce module can boost your online sales with advanced and highly effective product pages.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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