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By: Manu menonn

A Quick Insight on the Customer and Lead Management with Odoo CRM

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Customer management with CRM is the most efficient and effective way to deal with intricate lead generation and customer relations in a business firm. Under the system of Odoo CRM is a highly integrated application that has access to other applications in Odoo, in fact, every application in Odoo is designed to be interactive with each other. This helps in maintaining proper workflow and saves energy and precious time. 

This blog will give you a quick insight into customer and lead management in Odoo with the advantages of Odoo CRM.

CRM is an advanced and highly sophisticated management tool in Odoo that has the ability to manage and filter Leads and customers efficiently. The application will provide you with a smooth workflow and advanced features that will make your business more efficient. And features like live chat and automatic lead generation systems allow you to have much more stability in leads and customer relationships. Maintaining leads and converting them into customers has always been a difficult task for companies and business firms. The customer-centered nature of the Odoo with CRM gives you a much better chance of gaining or winning a customer.

Managing leads

The Odoo CRM helps in efficient customer management, the application is a highly advanced module in Odoo that has the ability to easily and effortlessly manage your customers and leads with ease. And it allows you to prioritize leads or customers based on many factors, that according to you or your company is very important. Effective marketing promotions and newsletters are the main reasons behind Lead generation. A person contacts your company in the aftermath of marketing then the person will be considered as a lead. In its traditional sense, every person who is interested in a company's product is considered as Leads by the company.

CRM works in the exact same way but in a more sophisticated sense. The ERP system will consider any person that contacts the Company with the preset contact details like the company mail or the phone number will be considered by the system as a lead and will be immediately placed among the data and allows lead follow up quick and effective. Filtering Leads will make the process much more dependable and helps to avoid clutter in the information and thereby saving time and energy. You can even edit the stages of the Leads by just dragging it to the next stage, from new to qualified. This option allows you to have even more advanced control over your leads and also helps you to manage the leads without any mixup. 

Lead management is a very delicate procedure and should be done with extreme care because every lead is a possible customer and it is imperative that the lead sticks on with the decision of buying your service or product and having direct contact with the lead will make things much easier, Odoo CRM has an advanced feature of live chat so that the lead can chat with you on queries and confusion about the product or services that you and your business is offering. The chat space can be used to persuade the lead into making decisions positively for you and also you can suggest the reasons for why the Lead should have the particular product or service that your company offers and how unique and advanced it is from the rest. And after a successful conversation with the lead, you can change the stage based on the possibility that the particular lead will become a potential customer. Similarly, you can change the stages of the Lead until the final stage of sales. The screenshot from the CRM dashboard of Odoo will show you the entire process.


Opening the application will immediately lead you to the pipelines or the columns of the CRM. Pipelines can be considered as the visual representation of your Lead management. The pipelines can be easily edited and changed positions of qualification based on the Lead activities. You can easily modify and change the pipeline structure by just dragging the Leads to the next stage as shown in the screenshot below.


Here in the above screenshot, the proposition has won and the stage is changed from ‘Proposition’ to ‘Won’. Similarly, you can change the Leads based on possibilities to other stages.

Odoo allows quick and easy editing on the pipelines or columns, for example, you can add a new column by following the screenshot below.


By clicking on the ‘Add a Column’ option you can easily create a column 


And you can enter the column title and after clicking on the ‘Add’ button the pipeline will be created in your CRM dashboard and you can drag the information into the newly created pipeline so that you can manage your pipeline in a particular way. The feature also allows you to have complete control over your lead management system and allows you to track the future of Leads and create possibilities based on the data and the direct communication with customers. This process is simplified with CRM as most of the heavy-duty is done by the system itself. The automated and advanced Lead detection system in Odoo CRM automatically saves important data regarding lead communication. And by this procedure, the Lead will provide you with some amount of contact information like mail, or phone number for you to follow up on and contact with the lead in the near future. 

CRM continues to evaluate the leads even after they become customers so that you can make sure that the customer stays loyal to the product or services that you are offering. Leads, in the same way, can be kept in a constant loop of important information about the product or service that the Lead was looking for so that you can keep the lead interested in your product. This advanced feature allows you to have a better chance at turning the Lead into a customer. With CRM the entire client management process is extremely professional in nature and will give your Lead a sense of professionalism in your approach to them and after turning them into active customers they will recommend you to other possible Leads, so CRM plays a huge role in business management. 

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