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By: Sumaiba

A Short Overview on the Important Tools and Functions in Odoo CRM

Functional Odoo 14 CRM

CRM is one of the most advanced applications in Odoo. The application has the ability to deal with large amounts of customers and leads effortlessly and efficiently. The application is equipped with various features and tools that will make your work easier and more efficient.

This blog will give a short description of the important tools and functions in CRM of Odoo 14

CRM is a highly integrated application. Like most of the applications in the Odoo, the CRM application has access to all of the applications in the Odoo environment. The Sales application is the most integrated into the CRM. For this reason, most of the sales configurations can be accessed through CRM. For accessing this all you have to do is go to the sales on top of the CRM dashboard and select various sales-related options from there and some of the sales functions will be automatically carried by the CRM application itself.

Excel sheets and spreadsheets used to rule the entire business world and were the only systems available to the business holders till the introduction of ERP systems, but they still play a huge and vivid role in business and even the ERP systems have access to the various data entry sheets out there. The CRM application in Odoo has access to the spreadsheet in Odoo 14. The spreadsheet in CRM can be directly used as a monitoring tool that you can use to monitor your sales team and guide them according to the data that are given in the sheet. So you can constantly check the sales team to give relevant advice on the sales and the CRM management. This tool is an important part of CRM because it gives you direct access to the team's performance on sales and Lead management. If you want to try this feature then go to your CRM application and from the Dashboard of the application click on Reporting and select ‘Activities’ from the drop-down options and you can actually see the graphical representation of the entire activities of your sales team. 

You can analyze the data given in the charts to make necessary decisions on the sales activities of your company. The chart can also act as a progress report for your employees and you can individually monitor their activities in the CRM and the direction that they have chosen to go on particular Leads in CRM. You can easily monitor and guide them from the CRM application itself. The tool gives you a detailed summary of the entire process in the spreadsheet. As the CRM application in Odoo is highly integrated into all of the applications in the Odoo environment that you can easily surf through the application without loading another application. The spreadsheet tool in the Odoo is integrated into almost all of the applications in the Odoo and this makes it easy to check and visualize data quickly. And In Odoo CRM you have the liberty to create and share real-time reports and flowcharts. And with these features, you can easily check your performance on your monthly targets which allows you to organize your work based on scheduled actions. 

As mentioned before, the CRM application of Odoo is highly integrated with other applications. The CRM application is integrated with Sales, Sign, Invoicing, and Email marketing. Each of these modules acts as an essential tool in CRM and as its own functions in the application. The sales application has a fair share of space in CRM because both of the functions of the business work together. The sales application can be directly accessed from the Dashboard of the CRM application. The sales module allows the sales team to work on the customer relationships and together both CRM and Sales can help your team score their targets easily, and with efficiency. The sales application has the most functionality in the CRM because of the close relationship between the two functions in a business and it will be easy for the sales to work on the leads from the CRM module and show efficiency in customer management and sales. Sales applications can be considered the most important tool in the CRM application.

Like sales, the Inventory application is also integrated with the CRM application and it can work in close hands with Sales as inventory is a main function of the sales sector. You can access the Inventory application in CRM to get direct product availability information through sales. The sales team requires the inventory details to proceed with similar leads or customers and see if they could satisfy the customers according to their needs and proceed with CRM. The application allows easy workflow for your sales team in CRM and the other great advantage of having the Inventory application being integrated into the CRM is that it allows you to make intelligent decisions on sales and customer relations.

With the powerful API (Application programming interface) you can make your Odoo CRM application do almost anything. You can connect the application to other software of your own convenience and automate lead creation and many more. With API you can make your Odoo CRM even more powerful and easy to use. This is one of the privileges that you can have with an open software system. You can even use the Google Docs integration to link any document to your opportunities. These documents may include qualification forms, advanced pricing tables, and other details regarding the product or sales. And you can market properly through CRM using the Odoo Marketing tools and applications like Email marketing, Events URL trackers, landing pages, and many more.

All of these integrations can be considered as necessary tools in the Odoo CRM application. You can work through the CRM application with ease and efficiently. The Odoo environment allows you to have the maximum dependability on the application and you can make the application do anything with the API integration. The application gives you space to grow your business and allows you to have the maximum pleasure in doing that.

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