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By: Jaseem Sadiq K

An Overview of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) in Odoo 16

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An open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software called Odoo provides a strong foundation for controlling different company operations. The ability of Odoo to use remote procedure calls (RPC) to provide smooth communication between various system components is one of its core characteristics. In this blog, we will examine the idea of RPC, its importance in Odoo, and give a real-world example to illustrate its advantages.

Understanding Odoo 16 Remote Procedure Call (RPC) 

Using the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) communication protocol, various software system parts can interact with one another in real time. RPC enables data transmission and function execution between the Odoo server and external systems, such as web browsers, mobile apps, or other third-party applications, in the context of Odoo 16. Within the Odoo ecosystem, this potent feature makes interconnections simple and facilitates the seamless coordination of numerous business operations.

RPC's benefits in Odoo 16 

1. Integration Process Simplified: RPC in Odoo 16 streamlines integration by offering standardized protocols and techniques for information exchange and function execution. It makes it unnecessary to create intricate bespoke connections by enabling smooth communication between Odoo and other systems.
2. Effective Data Exchange: RPC optimizes data flow between various system components, reducing latency and improving system performance in general. By minimizing needless network overhead, it enables efficient data exchange.
3. Streamlined Automation: RPC in Odoo 16 makes it possible to automate routine chores and procedures. Remotely invoked functions of Odoo may be used to start particular processes like processing orders, updating inventories, or creating reports. This automation simplifies processes and boosts overall effectiveness.

Using Odoo 16 as a Practical Example to Integrate an E-Commerce Website

Let's look at an illustration of how RPC may be used to integrate an e-commerce website with Odoo 16. The two systems should smoothly synchronize product information.
1. Establishing Connection: By giving the server URL, database name, username, and password, the e-commerce website creates a secure connection with the Odoo 16 server.
2. Retrieving Product Information: The website may ask Odoo 16 for product information through RPC. The search_read function in Odoo 16 obtains a list of items depending on supplied criteria, such as product categories or availability, and may be used as an example of how to use the XML-RPC API.
3. Product Information Updating: The execute_kw method of the XML-RPC API may be used by the e-commerce website to update product information. The data required to change properties like price, stock levels, or descriptions may be provided by calling the write method in Odoo 16. By doing this, product data is kept in sync between the website and Odoo 16.
4. Error Handling: This step of the RPC procedure is crucial. When handling errors and preserving data integrity, Odoo 16 offers error codes and messages that can be used.
In Odoo 16, Remote Procedure Call (RPC) streamlines integrations and improves communication between various system components. Its benefits include improved automation, effective data sharing, and easy integration. The real-world illustration of connecting an e-commerce website with Odoo 16 shows how RPC may be used to effortlessly synchronize product information. Using RPC, businesses may streamline their operations, increase productivity, and guarantee consistent data across many systems within the Odoo 16 ecosystem.

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