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By: Evin Davis

Attendance Monitoring for Remote Employees with Odoo

Functional Odoo 14

With the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic the world has disrupted normal functionality and today it has been over a year now we have accepted and embraced the new normal. Almost all the nations experiencing the second wave of the pandemic are continuously bound to our house and strict restrictions have been imposed by the authorities all across the world. As the vaccines are rolling out it's been a big relief for various nations and major vaccination campaigns are being organized by governments all across the globe. 

Today most of the companies have adapted to being the new normal and are functioning remotely or operating with only a small percentage of staff. As the impact of the pandemic was in an unpredicted stage most of the companies were not having time to prepare for the situation and they had to move their employees to work from their homes. Today most of the IT companies as well as the ones where remote working is possible have encouraged their employees to work from their homes.

The working from the home aspect is quite beneficial for the employees as they don't have to commute to work and they can save quite a lot of money. Moreover, they can also manage the great pillars of o their life which are professional as well as the family or personal aspects with ease. However, for the organization, the manageability of the operations has been more difficult because all the control and management operations are conducted virtually. Therefore there is a vital need for effective tools to monitor the employee functioning and manage their operations. Additionally, the attendance and leaves or time off monitoring on employees is difficult and you will require designated tools and options.

This blog will define the aspects of attendance monitoring with Odoo on remote working employees.

Odoo is an ERP software designed and crafted for the complete management of the business operations of the companies. The modular structure of Odoo provides its users with a designated application-specific module of operations that can be used to run every aspect of the company. A dedicated approach to company management with the use of advanced tools and functional modules and options available will provide reliability as well as improvement in the company's operation. Odoo supports the remote working functionality and you can define the remote operation of your employees.

Odoo Attendance module

One of the main modules in which the Odoo platform operates is the Attendance module of the platform which can be defined to run the attendance marking, management, and reporting aspects. The module supports the use of biometric devices as well as barcode scanners. However, in the case of remote working functionality, the use of both these is not entirely possible. Therefore, you can make use of the pin login and log out a feature where the employees can be logged into the platform using a unique pin ID.

In the initial case where there is no PIN provided for the employees to log in, they can easily enter the platform selecting the check-in option available in the attendance menu as depicted below. Upon selecting it you will be directly moved on to the platform and can start functioning with it.


If you want your employees to have a unique pin to enter the platform it can be provided under the HR settings of the respective employee in the Employee module as depicted in the below screenshot. Moreover, the PIN Code provider is unique and you can provide one to an employee only. Upon providing the unique PIN code you can select to save the menu and will be able to further use the PIN operation for the employee login.


Now as the employee tries to log into the platform they will be depicted with a menu to provide the PIN as shown in the following image. Here the employees can provide their respective PIN numbers and log in to the platform.


Now the manager can look up the attendance from the Attendance menu available in the Manger tab and all the attendance of the employees will be depicted as shown in the following image. 


An employee also can look at their attendance from the attendance module moreover, all the employee attendance details will be described.

Odoo Timesheet module

The Timesheet module is another aspect that will ensure that the employees working remotely are well managed as well as they are completing the tasks in the scheduled time. You can decide the different projects as well as the task allocated to them in the Odoo Project module and further monitor each task based on the time described in the Timesheet for each of them. The following image described the My Timesheet where all the tasks performed in operations are depicted in the Timesheet


Furthermore, there is a menu for the Timesheet By Employee where the Timesheet of each employee is depicted in detail. Moreover, there are more filtering as well as configuration options available which will help you to pull out the required data from the long list of items that are being described.


In addition, the Timesheet or Attendance menu will describe the time each employee has wired as well as the attendance information on each of the employees.


Moreover, the timesheet module can also be accessed remotely from the application which can be downloaded in your smart gadgets. The application is available in iOS, Android, and Chrome plug-in.


With both the Attendance as well as the Timesheet module you will be able to monitor and manage the attendance of the employees working remotely in your organization. Moreover, this will be of great help during the pandemic where a major percentage of the employees of your company are working from home.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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