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By: Cirin C Baby

How to Automate your Emergency Services with Odoo?

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The operation of emergency services such as fire force operations, health services, ambulance services, and police assistance operations of a country or state or a county works in a fast environment and in real-time. The efficient management of the operations can be hectic for the managers and the in-charge personnel. As the emergency services are connected to an event and aspect it is always beneficial to run the operations full-fledged from a single platform and a database. Which provides the authorities with ultimate control and operational monitoring of all the aspects.

This is where the need for automation is seen in server needs as it can help the users in the effective management of operations by a reliable platform. Enterprise and resource planning software(ERPs) are an excellent example of this type of automation software. From its initial stages of development in the late 1980s, this has been promising its users with permission results. Initially developed to manage the business operation but some of these can be helpful in running the operations of any format in an organization. There is no doubt in the fact that as the times have changed the software has been developed and adapted to be integrated with the latest advancements in the technology and business market.

One such ERPs, in a way the best one available now is the Odoo ERP which is a reliable and efficient management tool for the management of any business operations. Odoo can be customized as per the needs of the business and can be adapted to the existing terminologies of operation in a company, which turns out to be the best feature of the single platform operated management tool. In addition, efficient and reliable software operates based on a single database which can be the most efficient and cost-effective management software available in the market nowadays.

This blog will provide insight on how Odoo management software can be an apt solution in maintaining the operations of emergency services of a village or a county or a state or even a country in the most effective and efficient manner possible on various aspects of operation such as:

Maintaining a helpline,
Citizens safety in time of a disaster,
Employee allocation and
Fleet management.

Maintaining a helpline
Considering the operation of emergency services the operation of a helpline is most important as the calls can actually direct the services to the exact location. The Odoo platform provides the provision to users to integrate the operations of a normal helpline service with the platform. The operation can be run 24/7 with the help of shift management allowing users to allocate employees for the irrespective time duration. A server database having the details of all residents which can be filtered and sorted out manually and automatically could be helpful. Which is provided by the Odoo platform allowing the users to import the contact information of the residents and store them in the central database.

Citizens safety in time of a disaster
Safety of the citizens and providing the utmost healthcare for the injured ones should be the main aspect of the operation of a health service. As seen in the present aspect of the Covid 19 pandemic is spreading across the world the need for masks and PPE kits shot up. An effective management tool will help the services in the distribution of these to the needful and the citizens. The Odoo platform with advanced inventory management and delivery operation management will do the task effectively. These services by the platform can be operational tools at6 the time of emergency, pandemic situations, and disasters.

Employee allocation
As the emergency service operations are the one which should be operating 24/7 through the jurisdiction the management of the employees should be done effectively. The Odoo platform provides provision for the shaft management and employee allocation on various departments and locations in case of emergency services. These allocations of job roles can be made considering their operational skills, qualifications both academic and experience-wise and the convenience of operation based on the employee. The HR management tool of the Odoo platform can help the users in the management of operations of all the staff in various departments of the emergency services. The employee management tool will also be helpful in tracking the operations of each and every one of the staff. At instances of a complaint from the residents on the operation or misbehavior of a staff member on a respective day, the user can trace the duty chart and lookup for the respective employee who has caused the mishap.

Fleet management
Ambulances, fire trucks, and police vehicles are an important aspect of each department in the operation of emergency services. The management of these vehicles can be done with ease with the Odoo fleet management tool which will act as the assistance feature in providing reminders, documentation, vehicle information, allocation to an employee, and many more options that can be customized as per the operational needs of the user. 

Odoo is one of the best ERP can be customized and adapted to any operational methodology of an organization that would coil lead on to the best management platform for this instance emergency services.

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