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By: Evin Davis

Boost Your Business Efficiency With Odoo eCommerce Integration

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Ecommerce operations have grasped up the business world bringing in the newer methodology of online shopping and the customers are provided with the advanced features to shop for the products and services virtually from the comfort of their own homes. A feature of eCommerce operations that have been widely well utilized and beneficial for the business as well as the customers during this era of the Covid 19 pandemic which is still prevailing in operations. One of the primary reasons why the business is moving towards eCommerce operations is due to the lower amount of investment it requires mainly because of the only need of minimum infrastructure facility or even can function with no warehouse if dealing the product directly from the vendor's inventory to the customer. Additionally, the capability to expand the region of operations is so easy that you need to hire a certain delivery executive or partner with a logistics company and the products can be shipped out to further distances.

Today you can purchase groceries, electronics, food items, dishes, and even vehicles through online shopping by surfing the details through your smartphone. This convenient methodology has grown on people with the capability of offering payment on delivery. The customers started to believe this mode of shopping operations to be run effectively. Moreover, online sales have brought in higher revenue for the product sales that retail stores to various prominent businesses across the world. In addition, today more and more small and medium scale businesses have seen to be adapting towards the eCommerce platforms and this trend has been growing since the last decade and the chances are that these will be increased even more.

One of the major aspects that no one considers while migrating or adding an eCommerce platform is that of the manageability of the operations. This is because in normal retail or business operations numerous customers are coming in although there is a lack of infrastructure and operations there are numerous which come into play during the functioning of the eCommerce store operations. Therefore, the need for a dedicated management solution and tools which will support every aspect of these operations is vital. This is where advanced business and operational management solutions such as Odoo come into the picture. The integration of Odoo with your eCommerce operations will pave the way for the effective operation and management of your online business.

This blog will define how the Odoo eCommerce integration will boost your online business operations.

The management of the eCommerce operations of a company can be effectively done and managed with the help of dedicated management solutions. However, you need to choose the solutions for your eCommerce integration that can be apt for your business and can be defined to function as the operational needs which will pave the way for effective management. Odoo can be the apt solution primarily as it's customizable meaning the functional aspects of the software can be flexed as per the operational needs which will cater to the business requirements of your eCommerce platform.

Let's now move on to understand the various aspects of Odoo which will be helpful for the eCommerce operations.

Real-time data and operational synchronization

The Odoo platform operates with the functional aspects of the real-time functioning of an establishment and in the functioning of an organization whether its retail, wholesale, store outlet to an online shopping website the management with regards to the real-time data and operations is vital. The aspects such as product stock, time duration for the products to be delivered, the invoicing aspects along with the accounting elements as well as the entire functional management of your eCommerce operations are in direct synchronization with the Odoo platform. Furthermore, with the dedicated functional tools along with advanced management systems of Odoo, you can effectively run your Odoo eCommerce.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management

The Odoo CRM module supports the operations of efficient customer relationship management operations which will pave the way to improve the customer, their satisfaction index, and thereby increasing the products of the company. You can generate the leads and opportunities directly based on the eCommerce website visits which can be followed up with various activities such as meetings, calls, emails, and other scheduled ones with the help of the Odoo platform.

Integration with Payment Acquirers

Integrations with the Odoo platform for eCommerce will provide you with Payment Acquirers which will pave the way for the effective operation of the customer payments. In Odoo there are well-defined and built payment configuration options that are available. In addition, Odoo supports the aspects of the integration with other Payment Acquirers based on the region of the operations. This localization feature of the Odoo platform will be effective in running the eCommerce operations of businesses of any region based on the functional needs.

Integrated Accounting module

The eCommerce operations of the companies are in regards to the Accounting management is effectively managed with the help of the well-defined Accounting management module. The customer invoices for the sales and the financial management aspects of the eCommerce operations of your company are efficiently managed with the help of the dedicated Odoo Accounting module.

Shipping integrators

The Odoo platform has dedicated shipping integration tools that will be efficient in defining the product delivery and logistics aspects. These Integrated solutions are available from the Odoo Apps store and along with them, there are auto-defined ones in Odoo which are available by default.

Management of complete operation under one umbrella

The Odoo platform is a complete business management solution for institutions therefore, you can run the operations of wholesale, retails as well as eCommerce operations directly from the platform. Moreover, the centralized inventory and the dedicated modules available will support the aspects of these which can be beneficial for organizations that have all these modes of functioning.

In conclusion, the Odoo eCommerce integration will be a beneficial aspect for the operations bringing in efficiency and complete management and control of the business which will pave the way for the effectiveness and improvement in the performance of the operations of the company.

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