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By: Antony Francis

Business Benefits with Odoo 13

Functional Odoo 13 Manufacturing

The thing that has no change is nothing but change itself. Everything in this universe keeps evolving and changing. So in the case of technologies, software and so on. Everything gets evolved and changed day by day to survive in this competitive world.

In the case of Odoo ERP to it gets evolved every year with new features and advantages. Odoo is updating every year to keep pace with the new trends and business needs. This year to Odoo has released its latest version, Odoo v13, with some cool advantages.

Odoo v13 is more advanced and more user-friendly to manage the business with much ease and smoothness. The ERP software must be quite brisk and agile in handling business processes. Here in this blog, we deal with some of the main features in Odoo 13 while we manage the business.

Subcontracting in Manufacturing

Odoo v13 introduced a new and beneficial feature called “Subcontracting” for the BOM. In business, it is normal that we outsource some works to some specialists to get it done in it required standard and quality. Or if we don’t have the capacity for doing some work we outsource it. In such cases, Odoo 13 has the cool feature of subcontracting. The outsourcing works of a manufacturing firm can easily be carried out by the feature ‘Subcontracting’ in Odoo v13.


When we create the bill of materials,


Forecasted Inventory

Odoo 13 has a new feature in its inventory reporting, “Forecasted Inventory”.In simple words inventory forecast or forecasted inventory means just forecasting the future demand for a product based on some market studies. So that we can stock the products as per the forecasted demand and meet the customer needs without delay. In odoo 13 we have a separate report of “Forecasted Inventory” which enables the super cool view of all the graphical and grid view of all the products based on Quantity and Date/Time.

Grid view


Graph view


Skill Management Module

Skill management is a new module launched in Odoo 13. It's an extended add on to the Employee Module. The skills of the employees have much to do in the survival of an organization. An appropriate skill management mechanism can sharpen and polish the employee skills which leads to excel in their job position and company benefits, consequently.

It helps the organization to know its employee skills, they can identify the experienced and inexperienced employees, employees with different skills and so on. Therefore the organization can provide relevant training and other skill development programs for its employees.

Thus we can say that the “Skills Management” module is a great benefit for every firm to run its business in a profitable way.


Product video

In most of e-commerce, websites we have different pictures of a particular product. We can see the product from different angles. Odoo 13 e-commerce website has come up with a new and cool feature of “Product video”. This feature enables us to add a short video of the product. Now in the e-shop, we can see the video of the product along with the pictures of it.


This is the space where we add the URL of the video.

This is another beneficial feature of Odoo v13.

Sales coupon and Promotion module

The survival of a business always depends upon the customers and consumers. Therefore it is inevitable that we need to retain the customers. The loyal customers are the profitable aspects of a business. Today since there is a lot of competition in the market in all the fields a business should have something unique to attract the consumers and customers. One of the unique factors to retain the customers is sales promotion and coupon strategies. With Odoo 13 ERP it is easy to create and manage the coupon and promotion strategies.

Earlier this feature of sales coupon and promotion was available only in the Enterprise version of Odoo. Now by the arrival of Odoo 13, this module is available in Odoo Community version too.


This is another beneficial feature of Odoo v13


It's another new module Odoo has launched in it’s latest version of Odoo v13. It is a very useful feature for a business. In certain cases the company may take some machinery, vehicles, hotel rooms and so on for ‘Rent’. Until Odoo 12 we hadn’t any feature to manage the rent. But in Odoo 13 we have this feature which enables us to manage the ‘Rent’. This can be a great benefit for the business.


This is the rental module.

Odoo has improved a lot by the launch of it’s latest version Odoo v13, compared to its old versions. It has introduced some new modules and added some new features in Odoo v13 which makes it more user-friendly and beneficial for successful business management.

Therefore we can unanimously say that Odoo v13 has shown justice to everybody’s expectations.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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