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By: Asaf Muhsin

How to Calculate Scheduled Delivery Date in Odoo

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Planning is an integral part of the business. Through correct planning, the smooth running of a company is assured. Planning deliveries, reception, etc. has thus become very important in business operations. Odoo/Open ERP software has the capability to schedule the delivery dates of products according to various standards. The main aim of scheduling a date is to plan deliveries, reception, etc. The main advantage of Odoo ERP is that it automatically creates the scheduled date using its scheduler. The computing in the schedule happens per line. For every order with respect to manufacturing, delivery, or sales, the condition set forth is the same. The dates computed are completely dependent on various lead lines, which are configured under Odoo ERP software.

Setting up the lead time

In order to compute the scheduled dates, we first have to configure the lead time. The delay in delivery or manufacturing of a product as promised to different partners or clients is calculated as lead time. Lead times can be configured at various levels. Now let’s see how to schedule a delivery date on various levels using Odoo ERP software.

Product-level lead time configuration

Supplier lead time
The time required by the supplier to deliver the product is called supplier lead time.
To configure this, first select a product; later, go to the inventory tab.
To set the supplier lead time, the product is assigned to a vendor.
Odoo ERP software enables you to add different vendors so that different delivery lead times can be set according to the vendor.
Now, after selecting a vendor, a form will appear. The user can open the form and fill in the delivery lead time. The end-user doesn't have to consider the security days in this case. Here, the scheduled delivery days are the sum of the date of the purchase order and the delivery lead time.
Customer lead time
The time taken for transferring the product from the warehouse and later delivering it to the customers is called customer lead time. In Odoo, one can seamlessly configure the customer lead time for any product.
To set this up, first select a product, then go to the sales tab, and from there specify the customer lead time.

Manufacturing lead time
The time taken to manufacture a product is called manufacturing lead time. Manufacturing lead times can also be set in Odoo. To create manufacturing routes, we have to check the manufacturing box in the inventory.
Company-level lead time configuration
At this level, we can configure security days. This is done to adjust the eventual delays and to make sure that the engagements are met on time. 
Sales safety days
Sales safety days feature in Odoo helps in real-time delivery of client requirements. If delays happen, one has to subtract backup days from the computed scheduled date.
To do so,  go to settings > general settings > configure your company data.
Now a menu opens; in that, go to the configuration tab and indicate the safety days.
Purchase safety days
Purchase safety days deals with vendor lead times. The sales safety days and purchase safety days are found in the same menu.
The default manufacturing lead time can also be configured from here.
Route level lead time configuration
The delays happening in the internal transfers are noted here.
To set up:
Go to the push rule section in Odoo, now in the space mentioned delay, set the delay.
Sale order-level lead time configuration
Odoo’s this feature enables to insert the date requested by the client. In the sales tab, there will be a space indicating this. There will already be a theoretically computed date if the date requested by the client is early, then on the corresponding date, Odoo sets a warning to notify the user.
This is how the Odoo ERP software computes the various delivery dates.
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