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By: Evin Davis

Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry - Odoo the Solution Provider


Manufacturing operations in a business are always challenging with numerous aspects which pave the way for the ineffective management of the functioning in the production departments of the industry. With the aspects of automation and other smarter tools of operations that are brought into the production field the manufacturing business, as well as the business involved with them, are booming. Today numerous small unit manufacturing establishments are being established all over the world in larger numbers. As the major organization stretched to outsource as well as distribute the parts as well as spares manufacturing through subcontracting the small and medium scale manufacturing business was nurtured to greater heights with new technologies and methodologies of operation.
Today the use of IoT-based devices and functional tools have helped the industries to bring involvement to the process along with the aspects and tools of automation the workload on the employees. The manufacturing operations of the companies should be done with a dedicated management team as well as with tools that will bring in efficiency as well as the performance of the operations. There are numerous companies that are being functional in the operation of the manufacturing business where they are being faced with various challenges of operations. 
These challenges are of every growing and new ones are being added quite often, therefore, the need for a dedicated management system for the function operations as well as the business which is able to keep ahead with time is of vital importance in a manufacturing industry. Open Source ERP systems such as Odoo will serve as the best and the apt solutions for the operations of the manufacturing facility. With major and prominent businesses all around the world using Odoo today it has crossed the mark of more than 5 million users all around the world. The modular structure along with the dedicated infrastructure of operations for the management of the manufacturing business with a dedicated manufacturing module will take the operations to a next level which will pave the way for efficiency in the business operations.
This blog will provide an insight into the challenges which are commonly faced by the manufacturing industries and will describe how the Odoo ERP will pave for effective operations in tackling them.
Challenges faced by manufacturing industries
Manufacturing business was present long before from the stone ages before even the evolution of humans into the industrialization era which was changed over to machinery based operations from hand made one. Today the introduction of digitized tools along with advancements in automation has led to a new era of the manufacturing process in the functioning of the production units. Moreover, newer technologies in regards to these are being developed day by day which will pave the way for the effective operation of the production operations. However, although the manufacturing operations are being simplified and new methodologies are implemented and improved, so are the challenges faced by these industries. Here are certain of the major challenges which are faced by manufacturing institutions all around the world without the lack of proper tools and systems of operations.
Ineffective product movement and storage.
Unlike other industries, the manufacturing industry has to deal with the storage of the products as well as the raw materials. Moreover, without the impact of the operation of dedicated management tools in operation you will not be able to effectively coordinate the operations of the product movement both in and out of your facility to be run with efficiency and high performance of the operations. Furthermore, another aspect that the manufacturing industry suffers from is the supply chain and the distribution of the manufactured products. This is because of the ineffective operations in the inventory as well as the product movement.
Skilled employee hiring
Employee hiring in the aspects of the manufacturing industry is of vital importance as it will pave the way for the effective and high performance of the company. As you have to hire the right skills as well as dedicated employees who will cater to the empowerment of your business the need for a dedicated HR management tool is of vital importance
Quality management
The product quality of the manufactured products is of vital importance in the production department therefore, you need to have a dedicated team and management system in regards to the quality monitoring as well as management aspects.
Finance management
With an ineffective unorthodox finance management operation, you will have numerous liabilities which will become a burden if the amount is not paid off at the right time. Moreover, the payment which should be received for the customers should be followed up through a dedicated process if the payment has not been made. Both these aspects are of vital importance in the functioning of a production industry and a lack in managing them will lead to further losses of the profitability aspects in the business.
Inefficient manufacturing process
Without the lack of dedicated tools and support in the aspects of the manufacturing process management of a production facility will be going down the downhill path. Without proper management tools as well as functions that will support the operations of the production you will not be able to improve the efficiency and performance of the employees in the facility.
These are certain of the major challenges which are faced by manufacturing business operations across the world. Let's now move on to understand how the Odoo platform will help the manufacturing business in overcoming these challenges.
Overcoming the manufacturing business challenges with Odoo.
Odoo is a dedicated business management system with a modular structure of operations that has a dedicated manufacturing module that will pave the way for the effective management of the manufacturing business. Moreover, with the integrated inventory management module, you will be able to store the products as well as the raw materials to be functioning effectively. This will also support the product movement and the management of the supply chain operations of the finished products. Odoo has a dedicated scrap management system which will be useful in the effective disposal as well as management of the scraped products during manufacturing. You can read the following blog to understand how the Odoo platform will help you with the management of the scrap management operations of your manufacturing facility: Odoo scrap management

Odoo supports the operations of the employee management right from the hiring of skilled personnel from the long list of candidates that have applied to the job position on the website and social media platforms. The online recruitment process of Odoo is effective and provides you with a proper channel of operations. In addition, with the dedicated Quality management operations management tool the Quality module of Odoo you will be able to run different Quality control points as well as dedicated Quality management operations ensuring that your products are of the right specification and quality.
Additionally, with the dedicated Accounting management module you will be able to pay for the liabilities in time and follow up on the customer invoices and delayed payment of operation. The Accounting module of Odoo will act as the complete finance management system for the business catering to all the accounting functionalities. Finally, the dedicated manufacturing module will help with the production operations such as defining the work centers as well as manufacturing lanes, maintaining the equipment, allocating the employees, defining the assembly line operations, and many more for the effective and high performance in the functioning of the manufacturing operations.
Choosing Odoo for your manufacturing operations management will be the apt solution to bring ineffectiveness as well as complete control over the manufacturing process of the production business. You can contact us at info@cybrosys.com for your Odoo related needs.

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