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By: Gopakumar A

Odoo/Open ERP Scrap Management

Functional Warehouse

Scrap is something which is defined as valueless. Basically, scraps are formed when a product gets damaged or when it reaches its expiry date. We cannot generalize scraps as the nature of scraps keeps differing upon industries nature. For example, if we take the case of a food industry, when an item reaches or cross its expiry date,  the food item becomes useless and it is sent to scrap. No reuse is possible in this case. 

To next, consider the case of a manufacturing industry where a table is manufactured. If some physical damage occurs to the table, it is considered as scrap. But here there will be some basic parts which can be reused. So according to the nature of industries scraps has to be maintained. An efficient ERP can handle all these matters related to scraps in the utmost refined and streamlined format. Odoo /Open ERP scrap management is a very effective scrap management technique which anyone can use for effective scrap handling.

Once a product is found damaged it will be removed from the inventory location to scrap location in Odoo ERP scrap management. This means when a product is moved to the scrap location it will not be found again in the inventory. Instead, it will be found on the scrap section in Odoo ERP.

By removal, it is meant about the physical moving of the product itself. Thus Open ERP/Odoo scrap management can ensure the inventory is always kept clean without the presence of any damaged products.

Now let’s see how a scrap management is configured in Odoo/Open ERP scrap management;

The scrap location is associated with Odoo inventory management since products are handled using inventory. So when we install the inventory management in Odoo/Open ERP, one scrap location is automatically created. This scrap location is called as virtual location/scrapped in Odoo/open ERP scrap management.

Open ERP/Odoo scrap management gives the user the privilege to make an additional scrap location in case if he wants.

For creating an extra scrap location, do the following steps in Odoo/Open ERP inventory. 
Go to inventory > configuration > settings >manage several locations per warehouse > apply.


So now we have applied for managing several locations per warehouse in Odoo/Open ERP inventory.
The new scrap location is created via; configuration -> warehouse management ->locations. 

A scrap location is defined by checking the scrap location on location form view.

Now there are different methods with which a product can be scrapped in Odoo/Open ERP. The various ways with which a product can be scrapped in Odoo scrap management are scrap from receipt, scrap from delivery order and scrap from an internal transfer. All these are accessible in the initial demand tab in Odoo/Open ERP scrap management.

1)Scrap from receipt
Scraps from receipts mean we are checking for scraps from the incoming shipment; since there are chances for products to get damaged at that stage itself. 

To do this inventory is opened after that dashboard and receipts are accessed 


The incoming shipment is now opened followed by the initial demand tab and finally click the scrap product button. 


Now scrapping from shipment using Odoo/Open ERP scrap management is done.

2)Scrap from delivery orders
Scrap from delivery orders means scrap products from outgoing delivery. This is very important since the customer should not receive any damaged product at the time of reception.

To scrap a product from outgoing delivery;
Open inventory >dashboard >delivery orders.


Now outgoing shipment is opened, from there initial demand tab is accessed and click on scrap products button.


3)Scrap from internal transfer
Scrap from the internal transfer means scrapping done within the inventory. This method makes sure that there are no damaged products in the inventory.

To do the scrapping go to inventory > Dashboard > receipts.


Now internal transfer is opened followed by the initial demand tab. Finally, scrap products button is clicked.


Now when scrap button is clicked a pop up will open. The quantity of scrapped products can be specified here and also scrap location is also specified. Click on scrap finally.

This is how Odoo/Open ERP scrap management is carried out.

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