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By: Gopakumar A

Odoo Trading Features


Trading is the link which connects customers and business organizations together. Trading is a very sensitive point when it comes to business. It has to be done with utmost precision or it will bring out catastrophic problems to the sector. So a business enterprise should have proper control over the trading sector for its smooth functioning. To give proper aid to the matter an open ERP like Odoo can effectively be used. 

Basically, trading is the process in which goods are stocked after production and when desirable demand for these products occurs selling them accordingly. 

The main problems occurring in the trading areas are the behavioral changes from the side of customers, fluctuating demands, regulation changes etc.

To cop up with these problems and to adapt accordingly an open ERP/Odoo is very essential.

The main merit of using open ERP, the best trading software can assist a business firm to prepare for both present and future challenges.

Being prepared through preplanning trading is a success secret for any business. For this Odoo trading ERP can be used. Open ERP/Odoo can pre-plan inventory and also stocks which in turn increase profit percentage and customer satisfaction.

Now when trading is considered warehouses have a dominant part to play in it. For a business enterprise, its warehouses will be arranged in various locations. It is very essential that all these warehouses should be controlled simultaneously and precisely. This is indeed a hard task and literally time-consuming. But this problem only occurs when this is done without the backup of a proper ERP. To bring all these warehouses under the same roof and their simultaneous management an open ERP/Odoo can be used. Since the ERP is highly adaptive and user-friendly tasks like this become easy for the traders. 

Odoo trading ERP is a feature rich Open ERP and because of the plethora of features, it offers it will help trading to be profitable and error free.

There are a lot of benefits in hand for using the open ERP/Odoo. It has got various benefits like sturdy customer relation management, warehouse management, management of products, human resource management, robust point of sales etc. Now let’s know a brief about all these features.

Sturdy customer relation management

The prime importance in any business is given to customer relationship management. So is the same case of the trading sector. Since the customer is the king when it comes to business, it is very essential to make sure that their demands are met on time and without any imperfection. In customer relation management prioritization is something which has to be considered seriously. The ones with early demands have to be satisfied first than the ones with the new demands and also the high valued and bulky demands have to be finished on time as scheduled. So prioritization becomes vital. To make this possible open ERP/Odoo can be used. By using open ERP/Odoo trading we can ensure that targets are met on perfect time bound without any failure.

High level of customization is possible

Customizing is an added advantage on Odoo and because of that, the perfect niche for the business industry is created. Individual customization is the specialty of open ERP/Odoo, because of this, the ERP can be customized according to each business as per the likes of the persons using the trading ERP. The user even has got the privilege for creating a custom dashboard using the open ERP.

Warehouse Management

Total warehouse management is another boon of using the open ERP/Odoo. We know that an entire business cannot be controlled through a single warehouse, for that various number of warehouses will be required.  To control all of them simultaneously and at the same pace, an open ERP like Odoo trading ERP can be used. The peculiarity of using Odoo trading ERP is that location wise management of warehouses is possible using Odoo trading ERP. More than this real-time data management is also possible in Odoo/open ERP. All these steps help us to increase the accuracy in the trading front. Shipment handling is a subdivision of warehouse management, this too can be done using Odoo trading ERP. With shipment handling accurate inventory management is also made possible. Efficient warehouse management can save a lot of time that too without the expense of reduced efficiency. 

As an added feature Odoo trading ERP also has got a tracking feature which enables the products to be tracked in real time. The trading ERP ensures that the channel through which the product is transferred is transparent. 

Product management

In product management multiple measurement units, multiple variants, various product types, kits etc. are managed. Various operations like picking, packing, delivery orders etc. are done swiftly and error-free with the help of barcode scanner and touch screen interface which are present in Odoo trading ERP. At every stage of reception, products are assigned with serial numbers which improve the traceability and accuracy of reception. This is a very distinctive feature of the trading ERP.

Human Resource Management

When a trading industry is considered it is a complex structure with various levels of work. So efficient human resource management is unavoidable. Starting from managing stocks of goods and ending in selling the final product to the customer, every step comes under human resource management, this is because all these processes are carried out by various individuals. All these individuals are maintained based on their priority level using the Odoo trading ERP. 

The specialty of Odoo trading ERP is that it can accommodate a human resource software within the ERP. This, in turn, allows to keep regular track of employee’s salary details, attendance, leave management etc. other than this payroll, recruitment and expense management is also done using the human resource software in Odoo trading ERP.

Robust Point of sales

Point of sales is the place where retail transactions are basically carried out. The trend in shopping from the customer side is something which changes rapidly. To know about these trends and plan accordingly point of sales in a crucial factor and to help on the same Odoo trading ERP can be used. To make the sale attractive and profitable complimentary services like discount, loyalty etc. can be introduced. To implement and execute this strategy Odoo trading ERP can be used. These methods are intended to produce maximum customer satisfaction and to create maximum profit. This can effectively be executed using an ERP like Odoo trading ERP.

Now to sum up the general advantages of using Open ERP like Odoo trading ERP in trading are the tracking of products, easy operation, improved sales, analyzing the previous sales reports, efficient human resource management etc.

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