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By: Anju A.P

ERP for Furniture Industry


For any business to flourish, it is very important for the company to keep track of its profits and losses in real-time. To do so, there must be an effective enterprise resource management solution to carry out the business operations in the most seamless fashion.

Same with the case of the Furniture Industry. An Enterprise Resource Planning Software, popularly known as ERP in the furniture industry can turn out to be the best business practice or a best business solution for attaining maximum result in both production and management. An ERP in the furniture industry can effectively manage every furniture industry processes without hurdle. 

A furniture industry revolves around a wide set of activities like designing, manufacturing, distributing, the sale of functional and artifact objects and other miscellaneous functions. No matter how big or small the furniture industry is, an ERP can perfectly fit into the shoes of the furniture industry if it gets implemented properly from the right vendors.  

An ERP in furniture industry keeps track of every customer details, the industry’s raw material requirements, shipping of finished furniture’s, real-time tracking of customer requests, vendor requests, customer relationship management, employee performance, and engagements and more functions.

In short, an ERP in Furniture Industry acts to be certainly a major tool in helping and prospering the furniture manufacturers in carrying out their turbulent and chaotic business processes. Deploying an integrated ERP in furniture industry can optimize every furniture industry processes, reducing the operational costs involved, increasing the business profits and revenues, and also timely planning and executing of business strategies in the most efficient manner. An ERP in Furniture Industry there in provides complete visibility of the enterprise processes and functions with no room for miss communication or bad management.

An ERP in furniture industry helps in synchronizing the following process with respect to:
a) Accounts and Finance management
b) Manufacturing Processes
c) Supply chain management
d) Marketing and Sales management  
e) Project management
f) Services management
g) Human resource management
Apart from the above, a modern and integrated ERP helps in addressing the constant change in customer requirements, analyzing the trends in the market thereby satisfying the customers in every point of the place. An ERP in furniture industry helps the business industry in staying ahead in the competition and maintaining spotless administration. 
Let us look in detail how an ERP in the furniture industry bring qualitative changes in the business sector.

Customer Order Management
Furniture Industry is always in rush mode. The industry often faces the situation of stiff competition and meeting tons and loads of customer order in the same. A successful business run is assured only when the furniture industry succeeds in meeting and satisfying the customer orders. Secondly, these orders will be diversified in nature. Each customer order comes with variant characteristics with respect to designs, style formats, material quality, color specifications and more. It is quite tedious and strenuous to manage these diversified needs from customers without the support of an efficient and robust tool like ERP. An ERP in furniture industry thus helps in managing these complex and ever-growing business demands. The customer base is equally weighed, analyzed and preceded in ERP software. Keeping all the requisites in hand, an ERP in the furniture industry helps in configuring the products the way the customer wants them.  

Efficient Resource Planning
Furniture manufacturing industries are in need of bulk raw materials. It needs a large number of diversified materials for meeting the need from multiple suppliers that too in a single time frame. In that case, a smooth planning and managing of raw materials with respect to the different customer order is very hard to execute in the absence of a software application. Manually it turns out to be impossible to manage the inventory looking after the resource supplies, scrap management, segregating the raw material variants, ensuring the raw availability and more. As each raw material comes from different origins, like country or states, it is impossible for a person or group of person to take of the order and its right placing. 

An ERP in the furniture industry can thus streamline the business inventory via automating every inventory process. An ERP in furniture industry can do everything from right from checking the availability of raw material in locations, ordering them during the deficiency, meeting the right quantity and desired quality of materials, scrap removals, stock movements from location to another and more. It helps in forecasting and planning the resource in advance to meet the custom orders. An ERP in furniture industry helps in overcoming every administrative woe via placing everything streamlined and structured.

Lessen Operational Cost
An ERP in furniture industry streamlines and automate every furniture process creating no space for confusions and redundancy. An automated and streamlined business process leads to more accuracy, curbing resource wastages thus bringing down the unwanted monetary inflows. It optimizes the business expenses keeping an eye on the product quality and taking adequate measure when any problems are identified in the phase. An ERP in furniture industry helps in quickly addressing in the product issue with respect to its quality via implementing real-time corrective or maintenance measurements. This helps in eliminating the wastage of resource in many ways. An ERP in furniture industry also provided with product recalls saving the business from great loss.

An ERP in furniture industry thus improves the business profit via curbing every unnecessariness and miss-management. The ERP’s integrated modules like Inventory control help in storing and real-time movement of goods and Sales or Purchase module helps with which in and out of business processes reducing unwanted expenses flows.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
An ERP in the furniture industry, help the furniture manufacturers in achieving a high degree of customer satisfaction via quickly processing their orders and other data, storing the customer history, thereby addressing their future concerns in real-time and also providing them with rewards and loyalty gifts for their long business relationship. An ERP comes integrated with customer relationship management module which keenly focuses and address the customer desires and concerns. The robust management of the CRM module helps the ERP in the furniture industry to showcase the best customer service never like before. 

Efficient Reporting of Business Transactions
An ERP in furniture industry caters to the reporting functions to its core. The computation and reports with respect to company balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements are others helps the furniture industry in large calculating the business profit and loss. An ERP in furniture industry thus helps in getting the business with adequate, accurate and real-time reports in multiple versions for quick analyzing and decision making. Secondly, the efficient reporting of ERP helps the businesses in overcoming the new threats ensuring business agility. 

An ERP dashboard equips with key performance indicators enabling access to users for executing their function. Both quantitative and qualitative data per user or per department thus helps in the smooth transaction of business functions. 

In short, an ERP in the furniture industry is nothing less but a wizard choice for executing the best business management in furniture manufacturing. A quick glance at the benefits again:

a) A complete or 360-degree vision on business operations.
b) Improved control over business purchasing and finance.
c) Elimination of resource wastages and reduction of labor costs.
d) Cub production bottlenecks via robust and forecasted planning.
e) Customer Demand Management thereby improved sales practices.
f) Managing the product pricing, their rebates, discounts, and promotions. 
g) Eliminating paperwork via automation of tasks.
h) Optimizing the supply chain management in industry.
i) Managing returns and exchange of supplies.
j) Speedy shipment of goods.
k) Optimizing labor via tracking shop floor activities.
l) Strategic accounting and financial planning in business.

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