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By: Gopakumar A

ERP for Fish Processing Industry


The fish processing industry is an area where a lot of activities happen in parallel and every activity demand utmost care and planning. Starting from the catching of fish to the ending of its final production stage, each step in the fish processing industry needs to be precisely carried out without any hurdle or mistake. To make this process stress-free and seamless, an assist from an ERP will be very much helpful. ERP has got a handful of features that can aid this purpose. The main advantages of using ERP for fish processing are discussed in this blog.

The various advantages of using Odoo ERP for fish processing are;

1. Maintenance of Product Quality 

The quality of the product is crucial for any industry. When an industry like fish processing is taken into consideration, it is essential to maintain the quality, or else the aftermath will be very dangerous. It is here where ERP for fish processing comes to the rescue. Odoo ERP comes with an advanced quality control check which helps in assuring fish quality in every stage, ensuring no compromise is being made on the product side.

Odoo ERP does the quality control via Odoo quality control management and also uses the traceability feature (serial number and lot number tracking) for executing the action.

In a fish processing industry the main quality aspects are classified into physical (size, weight, etc.), chemical (sodium content, acid content, etc.), and microbial requirements (the maximum percentage of bacteria that can be accommodated). All these points can be set on the quality control section in the Odoo/Open ERP for fish processing. The merit of doing ERP in the fish processing industry is that we can thoroughly check the load and determine whether it satisfies the quality aspects needed.  Also through the quality control point,  ERP in the fish processing industry can check the processing quality in each stage and trigger quality alert feature alerting workers in real-time.

In the fish processing industry, once the processing of fish gets complete it can be moved as separate loads. At this point in time, Odoo ERP in fish processing can assure the quality by implementing its traceability feature. The lot number given to the loads are traced and ERP in fish processing help in checking the complete details of the load like its life, expiry, etc. erp-for-fish-processing-industry-1-cybrosys

2. Smart purchasing

An ERP in the fish processing industry helps with the smart purchasing of the product. With Odoo ERP the fish processing industry can set the current demand of the market pertaining to the most favored fish of the season, more in demand and plentiful availabilities, and more, helping the fish processing industry plan ahead of its business. As pricing comes as an important factor in determining the business profit, an ERP in fish processing comes to the rescue with smart pricing options. It helps in maintaining the price with respect to seasonal variations. Also analyzing the market conditions under ERP in fish processing help in setting the stock price accordingly.

3. Effective stock movement

Stock movement is like an all-time running process in the fish processing industry. From the stage of receiving the product, categorizing the load accordingly, cleaning, cutting the fish and finally its preservation, all process are interconnected and the stock has to be moved according to the pre-set route of the processing industry. The stock management feature in Odoo fish processing can be used along with the automated machines in the industry which makes the entire process error-free and less time-consuming.

An ERP in fish processing helps with seamless stock management where the products can be tracked in real-time. The vital information such as the date of arrival, the last process is done can easily be accessed.

4. Full-time traceability of the product is ensured
The traceability feature in Odoo ERP helps fish processing in accessing the plethora of information with regard to a product such as their reception, quantity reserved, the number of batches to be dispatched or have been, their current whereabouts, and more.
Using the traceability feature in Odoo ERP the product is always under track which makes the whole process stress-free.
5. Flawless stock removal
Stock removal is very important since the stocks must be dispatched according to their nature. The stock removal strategy in ERP for the fish processing industry comes very usefully. This ensures no stock is wasted or spoiled. In the case of the fish processing industry first in first out (FIFO) method is adapted for stock removal. This makes sure that no old stock is kept within the inventory.
6. Waste management and damaged product management
In the case of the fish processing industry, there will be a considerable amount of waste after the processing and also there will be a percentage of damaged products also. It is not easy to manage the bulk amount of these things, but an ERP can definitely aid in this case. The scrap management feature in ERP helps the fish processing industry to move scrap efficiently to another location without being mixed with the regular load. This technique saves time and reduces the workload of employees.
7. Managing the delivery of the products on time
Real-time delivery is very important in the case of industries like fish processing. The product has to reach the customers without any compromise in the quality and so they have to be transferred on perfect time bounds. This, in turn, ensures the profit percentage of the firm and will make sure that surreal losses never happen. Odoo/Open ERP shipping is a very effective way with which we can ship the product. The ERP comes in handy with added advantages such as information about delivery dates, product movement details, perfect communication with customers, etc.
8. Strong customer relationship management
The perfect balance of any industry totally depends on the satisfaction of customers. Maintaining customer satisfaction is so a must for the fish processing industry also. Using the Odoo customer relationship management we can effortlessly maintain the customers and make them purely satisfied. The main advantages of using Odoo customer relationship management in the fish processing industry are;
a)Keeping the order history: through the traceability feature in Odoo CRM, the history of each order done in the industry is stored. This allows having the detailed information of various customers, their separate likes on fish varieties, the kind of fish varieties which has high demand, seasonal availability of fishes, etc. This, in turn, allows for inventory planning also.
b) Precise forecasting: By knowing the behavioral changes of customers, the seasonal demand of fishes, the variety of fishes with maximum customers, etc. the inventory can be planned according to the Odoo forecasting feature. By this, we can make sure that the inventory is filled with an accurate and suitable load which helps in cost-cutting and preventing losses.
c) Clever marketing: Odoo/Open ERP also helps in subtle marketing techniques. By taking proper feedback from customers, providing regular customers with discounts, etc. we can keep the fish processing industry intact every time. This, in turn, increases the profit percentage.
9. Delivery route planning
The delivery should be done according to the priority of orders, also when delivery is considered the locations to which products are to be delivered, the dates in which they have to be delivered, etc. also has to be noted. This is very hard when done manually and the error percentage will shoot up if the manual method is adapted. But with ERP for fish processing, all these can be pre-set so that all these operations are carried out without space for any error.
To sum up, the main advantages of using ERP for fish processing are listed below;
    * Maintenance of product quality.
    * Smart level of purchasing
    * Perfect stock movements without flaws.
    * Error-free traceability.
    * Efficient stock removal as scheduled.
    * Stress-free waste management.
    * Delivery route planning.
    * On-time delivery of products. 
Finally, we can conclude that ERP for the fish processing industry helps with providing a 360-degree vision of every ongoing business process in the fish processing industry that too from a unified single database. All the operations associated with the processing industry thus can effectively be done under the same hood.

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