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By: Asaf Muhsin

ERP for Paper Industry


Paper manufacturing is an industry type which is widespread across the globe. A lot of difficult tasks are carried out in the industry throughout the manufacturing and related process. All these processes should be done without the space of an error to make the industry loss proof and successful. To make paper processing error-free and profitable, using an ERP for paper industry will be very much helpful. An ERP in paper industry provides the industry with lot of assistance in areas such as manufacturing, inventory, shipping etc. 

This blog discusses the various advantages which the paper manufacturing industry make out of an ERP implementation.

1. Managing raw material quality and manufacturing processes.
When we take the case of any industry, the primary procedure of production is the selection of raw materials. The raw material selection is very crucial since all the following process will be totally depended on the quality of the raw material which is paper pulp in this case. If the raw material is of bad quality no matter how perfect the other process is the end product will still be out of quality. So there should not be any compromise made in the quality of the raw material. To ensure this procedure has exactly carried the way it should be, an ERP in paper industry comes with their quality control feature for paper processing. By using an  ERP in paper industry, the paper manufacturers can set the desired standards for raw materials. Under the feature, ERP checks the pulp quality and later sends it across the processing department after ensuring the fulfillment of quality norms.  The quality control feature in ERP for paper processing become a boon for bringing qualitative productions.

Manufacturing is done through several stages like pulp management, pulp treatment, paper production, roll packing, sheet cutting, and packaging. All this process should be carried out in a synchronized manner and in hierarchical order. No process can overlap and left away without finishing. 

By using an ERP for paper processing, the industry can create manufacturing/work order for separate process just to make sure that works are executed in sync. 

As each of the work is carried out in separate locations when it comes to a paper industry, it becomes quite challenging for the industry to coordinate every location. An ERP for paper industry, thus helps in synchronizing various work locations, ensuring real-time communication transactions and also keeping the order of every movement happening between the location. Below image shows the location management in Odoo ERP. Odoo ERP can efficiently manage the different warehouses, their routing, Bill of materials etc.


2. Perfect inventory management made possible.
Problem free inventory is a must for paper industry. To make this possible strong inventory management is required. ERP for paper industry can conduct flawless inventory management. 


ERP for paper manufacturing industry has a lot to offer in hand to the paper manufacturing industry.

a) Delivery orders and stock transfers are efficiently handled by Odoo ERP.  Odoo ERP in paper industry acts as perfect choice as it takes care of the manufacturing process, inventory movement or stock transfers from one location to another location from a single unified simple interface. 

b) Secondly, an ERP for paper processing industry helps in getting the products packed and aligned with barcodes for their easy tracking.

c) Multiple locations in the manufacturing unit can be simultaneously controlled using ERP in paper processing industry. software. The stock movement facility in ERP helps the paper industry in moving their commodities from one location to another without any lapse or error.

d) Odoo/Open ERP has got an additional advantage for paper industry when it comes to their inventory management. Odoo ERP comes with negative inventory. By using the negative inventory, one can plan their production even before the availability of prescribed raw materials.

e) Precise scrap management: Scraps or damaged materials will be very common when an industry like paper manufacturing is considered. The scrap management feature in Odoo/Open ERP is very effective for scrap management aid. After moving the scraps to their location in the ERP for paper manufacturing, they can be well sorted and physically moved to the scrap location.


3. Well planned production using the master production schedule.
In a paper manufacturing industry, there should be a perfect plan for the items to get produced under each time frame. As the demand never remain constant and keeps fluctuating,  ERP in paper industry helps with advanced planning for production creating no room for the deficiency. The demand may vary as high, moderate or low. Production thus gets altered according to the demand. An ERP in paper industry assures that even during the high demand,  the inventory is efficiently stocked for seamless carrying out of production processes. For all this purpose master production schedule in the ERP for paper manufacturing process can be used.

The Master Production Schedule in Odoo ERP helps in forecasting the demand of materials so that production can be efficiently carried out with any hurdle. The ERP for paper manufacturing also ensures that operational cost is brought to least or minimum with no additional business expenses.  


4. Traceability of the products is assured.
The ERP for paper manufacturing also helps in seamless tracking of their product materials. The traceability feature in ERP, helps the paper manufacturing industry in keeping the track of their product, variant information about of product receptions, stocking details, customer details etc. Below is the image of Odoo ERP traceability feature. 


5. Sturdy customer relationship management.
Customer relationship should be very strong for any industry. An ERP for paper industry helps in effective management of customer relations. With the help of an ERP in paper industry, the paper manufacturers can maintain proper sales, proper marketing, ensure connectivity within the potential customers.

The CRM module under ERP for paper manufacturing also makes sure that products are delivered on time and as per the priority. This can be set using the ERP. Marketing strategies based on customer feedbacks, implementing discounts or other loyalty benefits also can be executed in paper industry with the help of an ERP implementation.


6. Shipping of goods according to time-bound.
The finished products, that is paper in this case, shall be moved to consumer’s hand maintaining perfect time bound. For this shipping module in ERP for paper manufacturing can be used. Through Odoo/Open ERP for shipping the transporting companies can be assigned for shipping, the routes can be assigned, time of delivery can be recorded etc.

The shipping of goods can be maintained without any stress with ERP tracking. Since all the details of the product will be available through serial number/lot number tracking, the manufacturer need not worry about keeping a bundle of details about the product and fear of losing them in any case.

7. Effective invoicing.
Invoicing is very important since it shares the details about the cost of the product and other detailed information in connection with transactions made on behalf of the product. Invoicing is made fast and easy with ERP for paper processing industry since ERP can integrate itself with manufacturing modules, shipping, order entry etc.


8. Analysis through reports.
Odoo/Open ERP for paper processing is very efficient to make customized reports which will help the company to understand its business and working. By using the ERP report feature detailed reports regarding manufacturing orders, work orders, performance, sales etc. can be made. This paves a way for later valuation and planning which will indeed help in cost-cutting, time-saving and increased together.


All together we can conclude that  ERP for paper manufacturing is an all-in-all solution for the paper manufacturing industry to carry out their task with ease.

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