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By: Anusha

CRM Software

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What is a CRM software?

CRM software is not a new term. It is widely used in the business industry. CRM - “Customer Relation Management”; is widely used to track and manage client details/communication history as well as keep your whole team connected from any device. CRM software extends and customizes as your business grows. Concisely, CRM is a software that makes maintaining customer relations an easier task. Let us check out that how CRM is affecting the Indian businesses?

Nowadays the number of companies that use CRM software is an ever-growing rate in India. SO, we must need a proper client relationship management system.

Some of the Indian companies have worst CRM practices. Their business plans revolve around keeping sales as their first priority and customer satisfaction as their second.

Some companies and banks have stored their customer data for over a decade now. If this data gets processed by an efficient system the consumers are going to get served as well as these companies/business organizations are going to weave appreciable profits in the long run.

CRM software Trends

Nowadays, the client has different options to access to information through websites,  social media, live chat and more. Hence, the client has a lot of opportunities to compare the different companies their service quality etc. So, we have to be equipped with some special tool. To ensure customer loyalty in this competitive world, companies are adopting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools helps keep pace with the dynamic world. So what are all the new trends in CRM? Come, Let us have a look into this. 

What are the uses of CRM software?

1 . Mobile CRM:

As you, all know nowadays everyone is busy with their smartphones / I-phones. So that there will be a tremendous increase in the popularity of mobile CRM In the current world the marketing/sales people will access sales applications exclusively through smartphones or tablets. Hence, almost all CRM vendors of CRM vendors are coming up with this advantageous application that will work on tablets or smartphones and will be more user - friendly. It will help the marketing team and management in making decisions without losing much time.

2 . Integration with Social Media: 

Nowadays, Everyone is connected to one another by the Internet. Most of the companies today have their presence on the social media, but simply a presence is not enough, it is extremely important to measure the impact of social media on the business. Social CRM will be “the channel” to promote the communication between the customers and the companies. Moreover, response time has become very crucial in these days a satisfied or dissatisfied customer will take it to social media, and, this may affect in a good or bad way in the brand image of the company. Hence, companies are now looking for CRM with features that help track the opinions or feedback and of course social media integration. 

3 . End to End solution for Client and Prospect Management:

In the present situation, CRM is not only used for sales/marketing or support. It now becomes a platform for end – to - end process, right from prospecting, marketing, lead to invoice cycle as well as the calculation of ROI - return on investment for the marketing campaigns. Also, project management has now become an important part of CRM. Companies are now interested in integrating the data across various departments to get the maximum output. The thin line between sales, services, and marketing is being blurred these days.

4 . The increase in demand for personalized CRM:  

As you, all know every business is unique and hence the requirement also different. Today, the competition is very high and the customer has more choices than ever before. Under such circumstances, it gets crucial to have the flexibility in the software. It should be open source, modification, as well as code customization, should be easy. In short, a more personalized CRM is in demand!

CRM is now getting more personalized, mobile, strategic, flexible and social media friendly.

What is the need for CRM software?

 Each and every company needs a sophisticated CRM solution to communicate effectively to the customers and manage customer information database, efficient and perfect Lead / Enquiry Management, User - friendly Interfaces, Customization features, Interactive Dashboards, very good support system, Workflow Automation and social media integration and all these features at an affordable price.

This is the need of the business world and the CRM is fast catching up with today’s requirements 

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