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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Digitalization of Trading with Odoo


The digitalization of trade and commerce has ushered in a new dawn in the field of marketing. In India, it has just grown leaps and bounds and conquered the market. For all aspiring industrial ventures, digital tools are the magic wands to gain surprising results within a short span of time. The growth graphics of all those who have migrated to the digital world is clearly indicated that they are scaling new heights every day and scripting attractive success stories.

The possibility of digital marketing can attain covetable heights as the digital penetration in India and abroad is improving day by day and the majority of the population have access to digital devices of communication. It is this factor that is a major consideration for all those who step into the world of digital marketing.


One of the important features of digital marketing with modern ERP is that it can reach the target group within the shortest possible time. Another attraction is that the reach can be accurately measured with digital tools. The reach can be ensured even crossing the borders of physical communications. The modern digital tools of communications make it easy for any company to handle multiple digital accounts and devices to reach out to the target audience and harvest success in the field.

Quick Reach and Quick Results

The biggest attraction of digital marketing tools is that it can quickly reach the desired category of audience. Secondly, the marketing team can accurately trace the extent of reach and instantly adopt the required measures to improve it or cover the unreached segments.


The digital team can accurately measure the interest of consumers and instantly get their feedback. Assessment of feedback being one of the foremost requisites to plan future trades becomes an easy exercise here with digital marketing tools.

Effective Advertising

As everyone knows, the successful marketing of any product depends upon the successful communication of the latest information with the target group of consumers through the apt medium and aptly crafted advertisements. In the modern media world, the advertising industry is mostly driven by digital marketing tools. Using the internet, traditional billboards have been replaced with digital posters and promotional stuff.


Social media marketing is one of the integral parts of modern-day digital communications. Infotainment is the latest trend where the social media strategists plan the required information adding entertainment with the information they provide. Only such a marketing will have the required punch among the consumers and will be able to win their attention for a product purchase.

Odoo for Digital Excellence

The moment you step into Odoo's digital world by leaving the legacy systems, you are sure to be a partner in the digital world of marketing things. It is the first step where you can start your journey to the attractive world of digital sales.

Odoo's communication modules are designed in such a way to meet all the modern communication requirements which can fulfill effective interaction between the clients and the company. The automated  process is the biggest attraction here where one can accomplish everything with the support of pre-loaded messages or simply usable templates and formats.


Odoo's digital marketing tools will support the main part of communicating with customers through emails, SMS, and push notifications. The companies can discuss and set the messages in advance and set the delivery time for a timely release. These are done using simple steps and it does not involve any complicated procedures.

Finance and Accounting Supervision

What you get is a single point control where you can just forget about handling the business with multiple counters and multiple professionals. Someone who is entrusted with the accounting duties can access each and every information related to the company, employees, and the marketing things at a click.


Such a trouble-free work ambiance will automatically improve the goodwill of the company and the working ambiance of the employees. One of the biggest benefits is that you can have accurate data and accounting results without even a minor error.

Automation of Marketing Wings

As everyone knows, the marketing team is the revenue-generating wing where a lot of activities take place. It is this wing that actually contributes for the financial growth of the industry. So, their routine activities can be easily automated with the support of Odoo.  


With this, marketing campaigns can be planned in a systematic way. The responsibilities can be assigned in a very balanced way. All the work status can be systematically assessed using this platform. Also, in the end, one can track the performance of each of the team members with the utmost precision and accuracy. The data can also be used for the future appraisal of the employees.

Search Engine Marketing

Precisely, it is the technique of capturing the market pulse with the information gathered from the internet over the customers' interest in various products and services. The data is widely available for companies which are having advanced digital platforms like Odoo to strengthen the marketing wing. Based on the search engine data, one can effectively plan the business and predict marketing possibilities.

It can even zero in on a particular area where the companies can easily think of starting operational units. On getting micro-level data, the companies can also source the social media profiles of customers who are interested in getting specific services or products. The digital marketing team can easily explore such possibilities which will create wonders in digital marketing turf.

Successful Task Management

Task management is one of the important functions which will have to be performed by each company as part of their routine business activities. It is the task that often sets the impression of the company among employees and the customers.

It is also a platform where one tries to win more clients or continue their association with the existing clients with a good service package. A lot of activities will have to be coordinated between the clients and the company during the project implementation process.


The basic thing is that it will work only in a digitized platform where seamless communication is possible from two ends. Project management may often bring the responsibility of managing cloud services or even artificial intelligence-based services. Only through a digitized platform, such services will work with a company. 

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