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By: Cirin C Baby

Why Should you Integrate E-commerce with Odoo ERP?

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Online shopping is booming and there has been a sudden surge in the online business establishment and their profits. The main root cause for the same is the devastating hit of the pandemic all across the world. Shattering our lives adapting to new normal, practicing social distancing and communal hygiene( It is an aspect which should be practiced throughout even not in the scenario of an epidemic). The Coronavirus has struck the world, all its economic activities, the lives of common people and we have lost many of our loved ones throughout the year.

Although, for the last year we never had to raise our glasses, today with the discovery of the vaccine and widespread vaccination attempts by the government officials we have the ray of hope the sun might shine upon us again. These are all the aspects which you know if living in the present era and for those in the upcoming generations this would be an astonishing factor. Now back to the top on why online shopping and e-commerce platforms have widespread popularity throughout the world. One Of the reasons for this is the minimal investment high profitability as there is no requirement of physical stores and salespersons, a warehouse along with a fleet of delivery vehicles and staff will do the job right for your business.

Today almost every business establishment is opting for e-commerce platforms rather than choosing retail stores. Moreover, the business is booming and the aspects of the operation are adding up to be unmanageable to the management as the executives. Hold that thought. The use of Enterprise and resource planning software have been seen widening and the popularity of this business management solution is increasing day by day. It's the manageability as well as the profitability and productivity that these solutions will bring into the user's company that has rooted for it. Additionally, the integration of an ERP solution to manage the e-commerce operations will benefit you more in the reliability and business efficiency of the company.

This blog will drive insight to you on why the e-commerce operations of your company should be integrated with Odoo ERP?

The eCommerce operations of a company are mostly operating in a non stabilized way as in defining the operations theoretically and in the paper, the functioning will have a clear cut draft and procedures to follow. However, in a real-time environment, there are various other factors and parameters to consider. Therefore there is a need for an advanced management solution that will help you to perform the activities in a flexible and adaptable manner. This is where the Odoo ERP proves its advantage over its competitors.

Odoo is a well customizable platform without disrupting the standardized operational procedures of the software. Moreover, it can be designed and developed to suit any form of company operations. Which is proven successful and the software has a customer base of over 5 million uses all across the world. Furthermore, the platform is used in all sectors of business due to the customizability to define any business operations in it and the added advantage of localization helps you to localize the platform operations based on your region. Hover Odoo platforms designed for operations in small and medium scale establishments can be seen operating in multinational and large companies. Now before moving into the need for Odoo integration with Ecommerce operations lets initially understand what is Odoo integration

Odoo ERP integration

Odoo is a business management platform that has a modular approach to business operations therefore having a designated module to manage the company operations. CRM, sales, purchase, inventory, e-commerce, etc are some of the examples of the basic module of operations in the Odoo platform. Furthermore, these modules are interconnected inoperational and changes done in one is directly reflected in another, Therefore, the module along with the add ons which can be availed from the Odoo apps store for application-specific operations should be configured to be functioning appropriately as per your company needs.


An expert Odoo developer can help you with the integration aspects of the platform. Cybrosys Technologies, the leading Odoo golden partner offers the best Odoo integration and customization services.

Why do e-commerce platforms require Odoo integration?

As we are clear on what is Odoo Integration? Let's now move on to the vitality of the integration for the e-commerce platform. Odoo is a fully customizable business management platform that is considered a one-stop solution for company management. Although the functioning will bring advancement to company operations and management the Odoo integration will improve the productivity and the profitability of your company functioning. Further reduces the time of processing as well as simplifies sophisticated operations in the company management. Here are certain aspects that will provide you the reason why should you integrate Odoo with your e-commerce operations:

> Odoo is an advanced business management software and will provide you with tools of operations to simplify e-commerce functions.

> Odoo has a designated e-commerce module

> Integrated with all other modules of operations

> Ease of communication between departments

> Central inventory management to run e-commerce, retail, and wholesale operations with ease from a single platform.

> You can start simple and upgrade to advanced applications available in the Odoo app store.

> A complete solution for the control of entire company operations

> Shipping and payment gateway integration

> Multiple store management

> Centralized information management.

In conclusion, Odoo is a one-stop solution for business management operations. The integration ability of Odoo will stretch out the possibilities of business management in the platform. Odoo's e-commerce operations will provide full control over the online sales operations and its integration with the sales module will allow you to have a clear understanding and processing of the data related to the sales operations. Furthermore, the best of the platform can only be extracted if the design and development are done by experts due to the customization ability of the Odoo ERP. You can reach us at info@cybrosys.com as we provide Odoo implementation, customization, integration, and all Odoo related services to you.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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