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By: Evin Davis

Digitalize Information Exchange with Odoo

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Information exchange is a vital aspect of any business operations whether ist in-house or with the customers or the vendors, the companies should be able to attend clear-cut uninterrupted information exchange operations in the functioning. With digitalization, the exchange of information has been widening and has simplified the operations. In a section, there are millions of data being exchanged over the internet which is capable due to the developments in telecommunications technology. Furthermore, as the world is becoming more advanced with automation and the use of artificial and robotic intelligence the need for information exchange has also been increased.

With the development of websites and applications to support business, the mode of shopping has shifted to online methodologies. This means the company should answer its customers online on the various aspects of the business which used to be done earlier in person. Furthermore, the in-house information exchange has been done in soft copy files rather than using paper for them. In addition, real-time information exchange and communication are carried out by chat applicants which helps the company to function easily.

With the digitalization aspects arising in the world, the business management has also shifted to software applications which could simplify the operations and bring in high productivity for the company. Odoo is one such enterprise and resource planning software which has been developed in the wake of the century. The Odoo platform is capable of managing all business operations for the company from its basic stages of development and functioning as a multinational company.

This blog will provide an overview of how the Odoo platform can help you in digitizing information exchange aspects of operations in your company.

Let me lay the groundwork for you, Odoo is business management advanced software operations form a single platform and a centralized database. So while operating on the platform the in-house information exchanges are done quite easily and there are no interruptions and system delays to slow down the exchange of information. In addition, all the content available in the platform is digitally transferred to each required module of operations as Odoo operates based on application modules defined for specific task operations.

Here are some of the tools which are available in the Odoo platform that can be expensed by the user to conduct out house communications operations for the company with the customer and the vendors.

Live Chat

The live chat functionality of Odoo allows the user to provide an instant communications interface with the customer on the business. In addition, the operations can be configured to be run 24/7 or can be strictly limited to a certain period or office house of the company operations. This option can be used to batting orders from customers and to promote the goods and services of the company. Furthermore, it can come as a lead generation assistant for the CRM operations in the company. In addition, with proper configuration, the functionality can be a live support tool for the customer who can avail it to access service demands.


The Odoo platform has allocated a separate help desk module to deal with the functionalities of the operations. In the module, the user can assign departments of operations that can be used to divert the contact for the customer to the respective departments. The helpdesk operations can be customized and configured to suit the operational terminologies of the user and the company of operations.


The Odoo platform has a designated module that helps the user to manage the operations of the documents which are passed on with the company or out of the company operations. The module is integrated with every subsequent operational module available in the Odoo platform. The documents developed over the platform are saved in the document module these include invoices, quotations, sales and purchase orders, licensing documents, certifications, and many more which have been used in the company operations. In addition, the user can send out the invoices and the other documents electronically via email functionalities available. Moreover, the confirmation messages on orders, deliveries, sales, purchases, and various other company operations can be sent out via emails or text messages.

The digitalization aspects of Odoo will help the user to run their companies in a paperless environment. Furthermore, there are reliable tools that are advanced and automated to simplify the information exchange both in the house as well as outhouse operations of the company.

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