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By: Evin Davis

Discovering Odoo ERP the best suite for a wholesale business

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Wholesale business operations around the world provide products and services which will help both the retail establishments and the customers seeking goods in bulk amounts. Today numerous wholesale-based establishments are functioning in and around all parts of the world and every central commercial area. Moreover, the parameters and the constraints of operations in the operations of the wholesale establishment are more significant and higher in number and with higher weightage of operations due to the high amount of goods involved rather than the retail aspects of a business. Therefore, the management aspects and the functions of the wholesale business will require dedicated tools that support every aspect of procedures to deal with every part of business, covering the entire company operations.
Today, there are numerous and well-defined tools available in the market that are defined to deal with any form of business operations. However, considering wholesale company procedure, a dedicated and well-defined solution must undergo and run any form of function. This is where the reliable business management solution Odoo comes into the market with the total capacity of running the entire business operations from the aspects of running the supply chain operations to the accounting and financial management aspects. Perfectly usable for large and multi-scale business operations, the Odoo platform puts forward a dedicated operations management module that will make it cater to every part of the business with reliable and well-defined functional and operational tools of process.
Today, with more than 5 million users worldwide who are all happy running their business with Odoo, these ERP-based tools have reached new heights in the market, providing complete and effective business management for all. The reliable features and tools, user-friendly aspects, and extensive business capabilities have motivated various businesses to move towards Odoo ERP. This makes them improve their operational performance as well as the productivity aspects to a higher level. Moreover, the controllability of the business on every part is more efficient apart with related tools all from the same platform that has been helpful for numerous businesses and will be.
In addition, the cost-efficient capabilities and the reliable modular infrastructure of operations have provided the company with a tendency to move towards Odoo from other business management solutions and traditional methodologies of process.
Let’s now understand certain aspects that the Odoo platform has brought into the operation of the business of wholesale establishments.
Overall Productivity Improvement:
It’s estimated that the business implementing Odoo will have improved the productivity aspects of the operations by at least 20 percent if they are following the best Odoo advised practices. This is an average estimate and might differ based on the company and the operations methodology. With aspects such as Bill of Material management, Manufacturing Order management, Work center management, and the Overall Equipment effectiveness management and quality improvement aspects of the companies goods manufacturing have been improved for bulk numbered goods manufacturing establishments.
Improvement in on-time Delivery Time:
The delivery time of the finished products has been done through effective operations with dignified logistic supporting tools which will cater to every aspect of it to be running effectively and with high efficiency. Thus ensuring that the goods for the retailers are delivered at the right time and the customer satisfaction index is always in the higher range.
Reduction of Human Base Errors:
With the intervention of Odoo into the wholesale operations, the functioning of the business to a certain level turns out to be automated, which will bring down human interaction to certain aspects. Therefore, the class and the percentage of human error will be reduced, allowing the organization’s employees to function on various other parts of the business operations, which will add up to the improvement of the business’s overall productivity.
Realtime Operation Capability:
The operations of the Odoo platform are based on the intervention to the business and the real-time operations data, which will be the primary aspects in running the business with Odoo. The Odoo platform will help run the operations with real-time data on the product stock, financial aspects, and all the business operations will be managed.
Productivity Improvement on the Employee Operations:
The Odoo platform put forward dedicated employee management tools and operations menu, which will provide the complete insight of operations of every employee. The HR management modules and the operations will pave the way for the effective operations management of every employee and their functional aspects.
Complete Digitalization:
With Odoo, every aspect of your operations will be changed to the digitalization element, which will help the company cut short or nullify the paper usage, thus allowing the company goes green for its entire operations. The document and module along with complete digitalized business documents the company operation turned to a greener perspective.
With the Odoo platform, you can get rid of data redundancy, remove inaccurate data easily, modify the data based on the need and provide authorization for each user, complete and dedicate storage that can be accessed any time from anywhere.
In conclusion, the Odoo platform keeps up with the trends and the updates of modern technology and market trends. The new version of Odoo is released each year will keep up and go ahead with the modernized trends of the market and the world. Integrated tools with IoT-based technology, biometric devices, Barcode Scanners, and other automation-based systems and machine learning and Artificial Intelligence tools available in the Odoo software will cater to the complete and effective operation.

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