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By: Evin Davis

Odoo Shopify Integration Using the Odoo Shopify Connector Tool

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Shopify is an advanced eCommerce platform where the business can set up online shops for their product sale in a fraction of time,  allowing them to function effectively without any hiccups during the online sales operations. The Shopify eCommerce platform can sell out a product online and run the physical store business from the same establishment and infrastructure. Today Shopify is an advanced eCommerce operation running platform used by companies worldwide irrespective of the size or the scale with which they function. Moreover, the reliability and operations control and the advancement brought into the functioning of the eCommerce operations make it an inevitable system for the online sales operations of the companies.
With advanced operations, capabilities for the online sales operations of the business such as effective online payment operation, direct integration with various social media platforms, and marketing aspects make Shopify an e-commerce operations tool. However, in regards to business operations where the online, retail, wholesale operations all run parallelly from the same infrastructure, the management aspects of all will be ineffective with dedicated tools of functioning. Therefore, the solutions for business management such as Odoo plays a crucial role in the operation of the business. Odoo is one of the advanced and the new generations business management tools that fall under the category of Enterprise and Resource Planning systems with dedicated operations tools.
The centralized infrastructure where there is one central inventory management system, and data users of the information storage will also run the business to run the online, retail, and wholesale operations right from the same platform,  which most of the business needs today. You can also run your eCommerce operations in another medium such as Shopify and integrate its operations with the Odoo platform. To that, you would need connector tools that will do the exceptional work of connecting your eCommerce operations with the Odo platform making sure that all the company's operations are in synchronization and another does not damage one aspect of the process.
The Odoo Shopify Connector will do precisely the same, allowing your business operations management and eCommerce operation to run parallel throughout Odoo even if its functions with the Shopify connector tool. Cybrosys Technologies brings in the Odoo Shopify connector, the best Odoo Gold partner offering exceptional service related to the Odoo needs or customers worldwide. 
This blog will provide insight on the Odoo Shopify connector tool brought in by Cybrosys Technologies, the prominent Odoo Gold partner of the Odoo platform.
Odoo Shopify connector
The Odoo Shopify connector will help with the operation of the eCommerce management. There will be a robust framework of the information exchange and a two-way connection that allows the business to run all the functions of the eCommerce platform directly from Odoo. Moreover, the fundamental aspects of e-Commerce such as sales orders, customer details, delivery of products, financial factors such as payment, invoices, and many more will be directly defined in the Odoo platform due to the integrated connector tool with the Shopify platform. Additionally, all the products and the product variants that are available for sale in the business can be defined to be sold in the eCommerce platform without any barriers of operation.
In additionally, aspects of the business operations in regards to the eCommerce operations of the company such as Sales Orders, Customer, Product information can be exported as well as imported between the Odoo platform as well as the Shopify platform, helping both of the operations coexist as well as run simultaneously without any hurdles. Let's now move on to understand the salient features of the Shopify Integration tool:
- Synchronize Customer details, product information, and order with the Odoo platform
- Complete and effective operation management
- Run retail, wholesale as well as online sale operations
- Multi-store management
- Manage product prices
- Mange product stocks
These are certain of the salient features of the Shopify Odoo Connector tool, which will bring in an advanced operations control and interface for the operations of your eCommerce platform running in the Shopify platform.
Suppose you consider the operation of the Shopify platform individually. It will only deal with the management aspects of running the online sales and acquiring the payment for the online sales conducted. There is no backend tool to deal with the factors such as inventory management, product production, achieved finance management, account management, employee management, and all other aspects of the business operation. And this shortage will pull behind the effectiveness of the business operations, thus reducing the productivity aspects. A dedicated business management tool such as Odoo that supports complete business management will be inevitable for today’s business. In regards to its as it's modernized solution that will pave the way for the effectiveness of the operation, it allows the integration of various other systems and tools of process. ,
About Cybrosys
Cybrosys Technologies is one of the prominent Odoo patterns serving the customer for more than 13 years now. Today Cybrosys Technologies has been labeled as the Gold level partner offering exceptional Odoo related services. The Shopify Odoo Connector brought in by Cybrosys Technologies is a usable tool for connecting their online sales operation with the best business management tool Odoo. Moreover, Cybrosys Technologies is a prominent member of the Odoo community and tops in the chart of Odoo applications and resources being provided. The extensive collection of blogs and Odoo books by Cybrosys Technologies described the organization’s commitment to developing the Odoo platform.
You can download the Shopify Odoo Connector from the Odoo app store using the following link: 


In need of any assistance regarding the configuration of it, you can contact us at info@cybrosys.net 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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