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By: Sree

How to Setup Drop Shipping in Odoo 14

Odoo 14 Warehouse

Dropshipping is a method for fulfilling the order. But unlike a point of sale or other modes of business, it does not require a store to keep the products. A business where the product is delivered to a customer directly from the vendor's store is called dropshipping. Here the drop shipper plays the role of middlemen who involves in the business with the customer but does to participate in the storage or stock management. Dropshipping is mostly opted for by e-commerce platforms. Besides, retail business platforms also use this method to reduce storage facility. In this business model, the retail acts as a middle person or a third party who gets the order and manages the order. But the person will not have to own a store or warehouse. 

This blog will help you learn about how Odoo 14 can benefit dropshipping.

For this, a user will have to depend on various modules of Odoo 14. You have to use the Odoo Inventory module, Purchase module, and Sales Module.


To enable dropshipping go to Inventory Module> Configuration> Settings> Warehouse> Enable Multi-step Routes.


Now, Go to the Purchase module> Configuration> Settings> Logistics> Enable Dropshipping and Save.


After this, you can go to the sales module and select a product that you want to drop ship to a particular customer. The user can select Routes as Dropship under the Inventory tab.


Now, under the Purchase tab in the Sale module, you can select the vendor.


In the next step, go to the sales module go to Order. First, create a quotation. For this click Create Quotation. The user can add customer detail. Here, I have added Deco Addict as the customer. Now, add a product for purchase. Here, we have selected Drawer Black as the product and have set Dropship as the route. 

By this, we have enabled the routing process from the vendor to the customer. This will be defined in the route. So, when the user clicks the Confirm Tab, the user can find a new tab- Purchase- on the right-hand side. 


This is a fresh feature in Odoo 14. By clicking on the Purchase tab, the user can access the purchase RFQ from this form itself. The user can now click on Confirm Order to confirm the RFQ. The status will now be RFQ.


On clicking Confirm Order the user will get a window as given below.


Now, the user can click on the Receive Products tab. Then the status will be changed to Ready state.


The user can Validate the order from here itself by clicking the Validate Button. On validating the status will change to DONE as given below.


The user can also complete the Validation process from Sale Order. For this go to Sale Order. There the user will get a Delivery tab on the right side. 


Click on the Delivery Tab. Then you will get a form as given below. 


In this delivery form, the user can Validate the order by clicking the Validate Tab. The user will have to provide a lot and serial number also to complete the process.


Here also, the user can find the status as Done.

Dropshipping management has become simpler with Odoo 14. 

To know more about Odoo Dropping Shipping, Refer to our previously Published blog on How to Setup Drop Shipping

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