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Education ERP Software

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School Administration is no different from other administration profiles. It is always considered to be the most challenging and nerve-breaking task, as it demands unity and teamwork of many numbers of people. No educational institution can run effectively without a strong educational software system. An effective administration comes with strong leadership, robust management, and a decisive action plan.
A school administration software like Educational ERP can be a smart piece of choice or a brilliant software tool for tuning your school administration to a smart and seamless profession. The exquisite core features like Student Application, Faculty Recruitment, Student Database, Timetable, Attendance Management, and many more make it a formidable and superlative choice to manage every school-related activity in the utmost streamlined fashion.
> Student Application                             
> Faculty Recruitment
> Student Database
> Classroom Management
> Student Allocation to class
> Academic Syllabus
> Academic year Management
> Exam Management
> Student ID card
> Faculty ID card
> Student Documents
> Amenities
> Subject Management
> Faculty Database
> Timetable Management
> Attendance Management
> Hostel Management
> Transport Management
> Student Promotion
1) Student Application
This is the very initial process, allowing to collect the student details and admission details of new students. It also manages to get the registration information of both existing and new students. Thereby it ensures smooth working of a school by placing all the applications received in order and as per the credits received.
2) Student Documents
Here it manages the information of all students along with their family information, class division, exam results, hostel and travel details, previous schooling information, school transfer certificates, and birth certificates along with the photograph.
3) Student Record
Database of each student is recorded such as their gender, sex, age, blood group, etc.
4) Faculty Record
Effectively organizes all details related to the faculties like their educational background, skills, timetables, classes, and subjects. Each faculty is linked with the employee, so that all other HR-related features get automatically synced such as payroll, leaves, etc...
5) Admit student to Class
After the application, the student is rightly directed to a specific division or class. Allows the In-charge faculty to allot students to their respective class.
6) Student and Faculty ID Card
7) Classroom Management
Classroom management provides a suit to manage the number of students in the class, allotment of faculties. Here you can add the students to each classroom. This will help to track the student in the class.
8) Subject Management
Timetable management software part of Education ERP efficiently manages the subjects.
9) Amenities
Amenities deals with different properties utilized in an educational institute like a class board, chalks, tables, chairs etc..
10) Attendance Management
The Attendance Management system in Educational ERP manages the student attendance system. Here it efficiently manages both afternoon and morning attendance of the students. In any education institute attendance tracking is a very important and unavoidable feature.
11) Timetable Management
Timetable management module allows to manage academic-year timetable of classes by streamlining the Periods, Start time, End time, Faculty and Subject, etc. Allows assigning faculties to corresponding classes based on their availability. One can easily sort the timetables according to the classes, their division, or with respect to the faculties. The module acts as a robust platform to forecast and thereby plan accordingly the effective utilization of school time resulting in greater performance and productivity.
12) Examination Management
Education Examination Management comes under the suite of Educational ERP. Perfectly manage the exam-related processes like Creating exams, valuation processes, result computation in a better and more effective way.
13) Transport management
Educational Transport management is a holistic, integrated student transportation management software system. The core functionalities include bus routing, trip management, entity management (students, vehicles, etc.).It is collaborated with a fleet module to manage the vehicles and their maintenance.
14) Student Promotion
Educational Promotion management software enables the promotion of students to respective higher classes without hassle. The module manages every activity like the closing of the current academic year, creating a new academic year, automating new classes for the coming year, shifting the students to the next level class, and also making the student history record for each student. This module maintains and manages the list of students who got promoted to a higher degree of education.

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Neelima LS

Good blog..Veriety of information which is helpful to improve my knowledge even more and very thoughtful blog...Thanks for the article!!!





Hay Treesa, there is lot of and, good features for education ERP software.




Lakshit Kale

Basically school erp software has designed to streamline paperless administration of schools and educational institutions. There are so many different features of school ERP software as you have already mentioned in this blog. Thanks for sharing such an informative blog. Please keep sharing your knowledge.




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