By: Sreejith

Email Configuration in Odoo

One of the most outstanding features of Odoo is mail. We can directly send emails to the customers from the Odoo itself, no need to log in your Gmail account separately, all we need is to configure Odoo mail server successfully.

Configuring the Outgoing Mail Server in Odoo

Make sure that the add-on fetch mail is installed.

Login as admin as only he has the access to settings and configuration

Settings/Technical/Email/Outgoing Mail Servers.

You will get a form to fill details like this:


Give field values as shown in screen shot


SMTP Server:

Connection Security: SSL/TLS

Username: Your mail account

Password: Password of your email account

Priority: The lower the number higher the priority

SMTP Port: The port of your SMTP server


click on test connection if testing is successfull you will get a connection success full message


Configuring the Incoming Mail Server in Odoo


Settings/Technical/Email/Incoming Mail Servers.

You will get a form like this:


Server Type: You can choose for POP, IMAP and local here. POP is the mostly used one and is used for getting emails from the server to a client.

Server Name: The name for the server.(

Port: The port of the server.

SSL/TLS: Check this to encrypt messages

Username: Your e-mail id

Password:  The password of your e-mail



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