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By: Saritha

Employee Appraisal In Odoo

Employee performance appraisal is a vital process that must be adopted by all the organization for optimizing their performance. Of course, the regular assessment of human resources can bring many benefits. ERP software is widely used today to automate and simplify the appraisal process. But unfortunately, this feature is not available in Odoo 9 and 10 community version. Let’s have a look at working of Appraisal module in Odoo 10 enterprise version.

You can install an Employee Appraisal module directly from the App store.

There is 4 type of appraisal actions :
  - The most traditional form of the appraisal - manager/supervisor feedback to subordinate based on observation, quality of work, relationship, etc.
  - The employee provides indirect feedback to the manager via a rating system based on communication skills, decision making, clarification of objectives, etc.
  - Self-appraisal: Individual provides their own feedback based on introspection.
  - Final Interview
First, create an Appraisal plan by clicking on the Appraisal > Create Button. Select the employee and set the deadline for each appraisal plan.
The set of options under the plan tab (i. e Manager, Employee, etc.)
Indicate, whom to send the appraisal form. Tick any of the options; then associated fields like reviewer name and reviewer form will appear on the right side. 
Using this option we can assign different reviewer form to the different people.

Design your own survey
A company-specific appraisal strategy definitely needs a custom questionnaire for gathering information.
From Survey -> Create section, the user can create their own questionnaires for the appraisal plan.


Evaluate the employee
Send appraisal form to all employees by clicking on Start Appraisal And Send Form. Each employee will get an email requesting to complete the survey along with the link to the questionnaire.
On clicking the link, it will redirect to the survey page. Here the employee can answer all the question and evaluation authority can review the employee based on it.

Organize Interviews
After evaluating the employee with the help of the survey. The manager can schedule a final interview with each employee to reach a final conclusion. 

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