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By: Divya M A

Employee On-boarding & Off-boarding Process with Odoo 16

Functional Odoo 16

Employee onboarding and offboarding are processes that occur at opposite ends of the employment lifecycle. When employing new employees and letting them exit a company, an organized procedure should be followed. On the one hand, it's critical to make sure that new recruits are informed and have copies of the specified licenses and certificates. If, on the other hand, an employee resigns, all corporate records and knowledge must be obtained from them. Many businesses put tons of effort into their onboarding process to make sure new employees have the tools and support they have to suit however, few people expend the same amount of effort when someone leaves a company. More and more businesses are realizing that loyalty does not have to cease when employees decide to depart. Employees today have more freedom and flexibility to pursue new possibilities without burning bridges with their current employers.

Offboarding is the final step in an employee's lifecycle, and a well-planned offboarding program can help employers avoid difficulties and smooth the leave process for both parties.

There are companies that specialize in onboarding systems, and every significant HR software system contains an onboarding module. One other component of an employee management system is offboarding software. Onboarding new employees and offboarding them share several similarities. Each procedure involves acts including salary, benefits, various legal documents, the issue or revocation of keys, badges, IT equipment, and network access, among other things.

Odoo 16 Employee Module offers an exclusive software package to manage employee-related functions in an organization. This module also comes up with the facility for employee Onboarding and Offboarding management.

Users can access this function by installing the latest version of the Odoo 16 Employee Module from the Odoo ERP package and opening the “Employees” Module.


After opening the module, you can set the Onboarding and Offboarding plans with the help of the “Activity/ Planning” option available in the “Configuration” menu of the platform.


On/Off-Boarding Plans

You can access the “On/Offboarding Plans” from the “Activity/Planning” option, then you'll be directed to the page, as shown below.


You will get the following page, in which details all of the onboarding and offboarding plans are arranged on the basis of  Name, Steps Count and Department. After choosing the Onboarding description field, you choose the “Action” option for an activity, you can immediately Delete it from the menu. Also, you can Export, Archive, and Unarchive the item. Additionally, you can use the Add a Line option to add a new activity. Also, sort and filter your data using the “Filter,” Group By,” and “Favorites” options.

How to Create a New Onboarding Activity

The “NEW” button will allow you to make a brand new activity as per your requirement and preferences. you'll see the activity creation form as shown in the screenshot below.


You can create a new onboarding activity by providing the “Plan Name” as ‘Onboarding.’ then you can mention the corresponding “Department” and “Company.” using the “Activities To Generate” box, users are able to generate new activities by clicking on the “Add a Line” field.

The “Add a Line” option will open a fresh new pop-up window where you'll configure multiple activities as per your requirement.


You can select the “Activity Type” from the dropdown list provided under the sector, which incorporates a Call, Email, Meeting, etc.

You are allowed to edit a brief summary of the “Activity Type” in the “Summary” field. Select the “Company” name, mention the “Responsible” person name, and also you can type any descriptions about the activity in the “Notes” data field. Save your activity using the “SAVE & CLOSE” button, or if you want to add multiple activities, use the “SAVE & NEW” button.

How to Create a New Offboarding Activity

The company's offboarding activities can be specified in the planning menu and carried out in the same ways as the aforementioned onboarding procedures. Each and every task that needs to be done will be stated and defined in the menu for the offboarding procedure, as seen in the following illustration.


You can edit new activities for your company's offboarding plan from the “Activity types” form, which is available after clicking the “Add a Line” field.


You can use the same configuration form to configure the activity types for both the company's onboarding and offboarding processes. Each activity type that has been specified for the platform is shown in the “Plans” menu homepage, as shown in the screenshot below, and you are able to add another one to the list by choosing the “NEW” option.


We discussed the creation of both the Onboarding and Offboarding plans menu items in the Odoo 16 Employees module in this blog. Because these two activities occur at opposite ends of the employment lifecycle, organizing a systematic process is critical when employing new workers and letting them depart a company. In the Employees Module, Odoo guarantees an all-in-one package software solution for maintaining employee-related information.

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