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By: Anju A.P

ERP for Bakery Industry


    One can be amused by the implementation of ERP in bakery industry. Minds can wonder, why a small setup like a bakery should go for an ERP implementation. But the reality is that ERP for a bakery Industry can do wonders and bring in revolutionary changes in the bakery business. The workflow of the business industry is complex and challenging, as the bakery industry also revolves around mass production, sales, marketing, or complying with business standards. 

Be it the small setup like bakery industry or big FMCG production houses, the production is subjected to change with customer demands and specifications. Today, consumer preferences are rapidly changing unlike prior. The growing awareness of nutrient values, lifestyle diseases, and other health challenges upon consumption of bakery products and confectioneries have brought a significant change in the eating habits of people. Therefore the bakery industry is in stiff competition and challenging mode to comply with their food products in meeting the rising customer demands and specifications. An ERP for bakery industry help in adhering to production standards, quality checks, complying with food regulation protocols, thus keeping the product safe and consumable at the same time adhering to customer look forwards like upholding the nutritional values.  There is no doubt that an ERP for bakery industry can steadily meet the rising demand for healthier and more nutritious bakery products in real-time. 

    Secondly, an ERP for Bakery Industry helps the bakery industries in forecasting their consumer demand in accordance with their sales history, POS data, or information and also based upon the seasonal promotions. As the ERP for bakery industry helps with forecasting customer demands and it helps the business in return for initiating the desired sales strategies, changing their shift of focus towards more revenue-generating activities such as direct selling in high consumer traffic stores.  

Most important, ERP in bakery manufacturing industry helps with efficient management of the bakery inventories. As the bakery inventory is filled with goods or products of perishable nature, it becomes too complex in monitoring the inventory flows, their storage and quite challenging in meeting the increased customer demand and supply. Any inventory loss or other damages results in serious loss to the baking industry. Thus an ERP for bakery industry helps in eliminating every complexity in manufacturing, inventory flows, distribution process, etc. An ERP for the bakery industry streamlines every bakery operation right from manufacturing to distribution, bringing the products faster and more stringent to FDA regulatory norms. 

Let us see how Odoo ERP can bring qualitative and quantitative changes in bakery industry.

Productive Inventory Management
Odoo for food manufacturing industry like bakery manufacturing industry, Odoo ERP in-house ample number of benefits for its end users. Firstly with Odoo ERP in bakery industry, one can 


productively manage their inventories. Odoo ERP for bakery industry helps in monitoring and managing of perishable products via real-time movement of perishable inventories from one location to another. An ERP for bakery industry like Odoo thus helps with automating the order entries, executing real-time order management, finally producing high-quality bakery products for its consumers. 
With Odoo Inventory, the bakery industry is facilitated with smart inventory solution where the bakery manufacturers can be certain about which ingredients are in stock and up to what quantity it possesses in the inventory.

Minimizing Resource Wastages
    An ERP for bakery industry helps with real-time stock movements creating no room for overstocks or obsolete inventories. An ERP for bakery industry like Odoo comes with features like double-entry management that helps in transforming every bakery operations formalized, structured adhering to real-time stock moves preventing resource wastages or perishing of stocks. Odoo ERP for bakery industry can get you with additional and robust features like upstream traceability and downstream traceability facilitating the tracking of every stock movement from supply to delivery with no resource wastages. Thus an ERP for bakery industry help the manufacturers from the bottom line in saving their resources, preventing loss of revenue. 


Enhanced Product Sale
    An ERP in bakery industry helps in improving the product sale via analyzing the potential customers that too on a daily basis. Thus an ERP for bakery industry helps the bakeries in automating every task, bringing qualitative changes in product rotations, executing personalized selling, and more. An ERP for bakery industry help in tracking and managing every customer information, their history of transactions, etc. It thus helps the manufacturers in monitoring and analyzing the eating trends or habits and plan their production activities accordingly. 

Lessened Operational Costs
    An ERP for bakery industry help in streamlining every planning and scheduling of bakery operations. It significantly curbs down the additional expenses over the outrageous labor via automating every important function and operation in the industry also in parallel reducing the overhead costs with regard to clean downs and other changeovers. As an ERP for bakery industry automates every bakery operation it helps with significant reductions in manual errors and related risks. As every key business processes are automated, an ERP for bakery industry helps them in sustaining an agile and efficient business sector.

Efficient reporting and analysis
    An ERP software for the bakery industry helps the bakery manufacturers in availing every information or data pertaining to financial and operational functions from various departments. These critically analyzed reports like the company balance sheets, general ledger, trial balance reports or other miscellaneous financial statements help in monitoring and real-time tracking of revenue inflows and profits derived. As the ERP comes integrated it provides with a unified reporting system for the bakery industry helping every business process to happen without hurdles. In short, an ERP for the bakery industry is a smart and revolutionary step for triggering business efficiency, better returns, and also for the effective and overall analysis of inter-department functions facilitating better decision making.


Boosts Sales Process
    An ERP software for the bakery industry helps the bakery manufacturers with various sales processes with respect to their order placement, later the order scheduling followed by product shipping and invoicing. In short, an ERP for the bakery industry helps with the proper delivery of bakery products in real-time in real quantity without risks and errors.




    In short, an ERP implementation for the bakery industry offers the bakery manufacturers a seamless production of bakery products with adequate control of inventory flows, meeting real-time food manufacturing requirements, quality production, really costing, compliance to food regulatory standards, efficient and smart planning or schedule of activities. An ERP for the bakery industry brings down every bakery manufacturing process short and streamlined keeping the inventory costs low and food processing firms adhering to quality standards. An ERP system for bakery manufacturers thus helps in keeping every business process seamless and unified to one single database facilitating effective and robust management of bakery businesses.

In nutshell, an ERP for the bakery industry thus looks after:

> The real-time data pertaining to production, sales, and distribution.
> Effective production management keeping focus on production efficiency and eliminating risks and additional expenses.
> The improved inventory facilitates operational performance.
> Assessing the material requirement planning from start to finish.
> Human resource management for easy handling of a workforce.
> Customer relationship management for smart sales processing. 
> Seamless handling of invoicing and business accounting.
> Real-time traceability of raw material availability to finished goods.
> Assessing the quality control management in each manufacturing stage.

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We need to have a system that can provides information to efficiently manage the flow of materials, utilization of efforts/resources and its proper synchronisation. Not necessarily take decisions or manage operations but provides visibility to the stakeholders so that they can make more accurate and timely decisions to manage their operations.




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