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By: Sruthi Sreenivasan

ERP Solutions – Odoo Roadshow in San Jose, US

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If you are an entrepreneur, corporate owner, or even a business person in general, you might be familiar with Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Many corporates have already integrated their businesses with Odoo’s state-of-the-art software solutions. Odoo’s customizability allows it to be incorporated into any type of business regardless of its size or nature, making it one of the most sought-after managerial planning solutions in the market.
1) Odoo, with the high personalization feature of its two versions – Enterprise and Community – frees you from the labor of multitasking with disarticulate management solutions. 
2) The Community version has only the basic functionalities, so it is ideal for small-scale business ventures.
3) To obtain a well-tailored software solution with excellent technical backup, you should switch to the Enterprise version of Odoo.
Odoo is extending its invitation to business persons, company representatives, innovators, executives, etc., from every realm of business to be a part of its Roadshow in San Jose, United States (US). Secure your seats for the event and be a part of the vast network of promising individuals with proven expertise in their respective fields.
In this blog, we will discuss Odoo’s upcoming Roadshow, which will be held in San Jose, US, and how to use this platform to diversify your business’ reach.
Some FAQs About Odoo’s Roadshows
Even though Odoo has seen exceptional growth and branched out to many countries, some of you might be unaware of Odoo’s global outreach and popularity. For everyone new to Odoo ERP and its Roadshows, we will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on these topics.
1) What are Odoo Roadshows?
The Odoo Roadshow started out as a promotional event highlighting the launch of a new app or version of Odoo. Today, it is one of the most significant networking events for business. Groups of professionals with similar interests come together to build a community primarily dedicated to developing sustainable management solutions for their businesses.
2) Who can attend these events?
Business professionals, industry experts, and learners from every stratum attend Odoo’s Roadshows each year. Anyone with prompt business acumen can partake in these events. Besides, they are fully equipped to host more than a thousand attendees per event!
3) How does your business benefit from Odoo’s Roadshows?
Odoo’s all-in-one, comprehensive management solution simplifies your company’s business transactions. Odoo Roadshows offer you complete guidance to automate your venture with its advanced software solutions. Moreover, you can catch up with the trendsetters in business and further your company's prospects.
Here’s a Detailed Overview of Odoo’s Roadshow in San Jose, US:
a) Odoo’s Roadshow in San Jose (US) will be held at the Silicon Valley Capital Club – a group organizing space for innovative thinkers and business persons – on 21st July 2022. 
b) The event will commence at 5:30 PM with a general Welcome session and conclude at 8:00 PM with a Networking concourse. 
c) Our industry experts will curate a Presentation on the market opportunities of Odoo, the medium of which will be English.
d) Odoo will provide free food and beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) during the Networking session of the event. 
e) The registration and participation are free of charge, so hurry up and secure your seats!
Follow this link and click on ‘Register’ to book your seat
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