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By: Anju A.P

Free Odoo Technical Training 2020


Just think you got with two choices -an up-to-date professional and one who hadn’t upgraded himself for the past 5 years. Which one would you choose?

For any occupation, it's important that individuals stay up with the latest, with the most recent information and strategies in their field. Else, they fall behind. Be it doctors, engineers, writers, business analysts or any other. Walking along with the changes will only keep them survive in the competitive market. Therefore, it is both appealing and necessitating to upgrade the skills, enhance the performance and stay abreast of the latest changes taking place in their occupational domain.

Understanding the significance, many professional companies are into offering skill development training to their employees. Both functional-level and technical-level training are provided to the workforce by their management in pursuit of better productivity and result. Training is indeed a good opportunity for users to gain new useful knowledge and make the daily works more effective.

Many organizations opt for in-house training sessions, where training is held by the workers of the organization. However, often this training doesn’t come out well as the knowledge is not transferred in the right way. Lack of idea in sharing knowledge often subdues its results, especially technical training. 
Technical training is the way toward helping workers improve the practical skills they use at work. Unlike soft skills where you improve the individual’s communication and leadership quality, technical training centers around what individuals do every day. For example, developing software or building houses. Technical training orients toward improving someone’s technical skills.
Most developers truly look forward to getting an opportunity to participate in technical training as they get to learn new programming languages, web development tactics, and most importantly best practices to meet business objectives.
Cybrosys understanding the growing importance of technical training among developers and urging request of technical training in Odoo have come up with the idea of providing Free Odoo Technical  Training.
Odoo, as we know, is one of the big players and fastest-growing ERP  in the open-source market. The integrated management suite is widely advocated among the business community for its rich functions and features. Today Odoo has grown par excellent and is capable of meeting any business need. The success behind Odoo’s penetration among business locale is none other than its large community of Odoo developers. 
This strong and vibrant community of Odoo developers acts as the backbone of Odoo, helping the ERP application feature the best and refined business management. 
Being in the expansion stage, Odoo is in need of more developers who can immensely contribute to its architecture. With the mission to back Odoo with qualitative developers, Cybrosys Technologies the leading partner of Odoo, have come up with the idea of Odoo Technical Training with zero cost. 
The core agenda behind free technical training is to literate partners, developers, and integrators the central conceptions of the Odoo development process.  The technical training is intended to help new Odoo developers on board in pushing the limits of their Odoo technical knowledge. 
Odoo Technical Training by Cybrosys will help the new aspirants in Odoo become better problem-solvers and brainstorms, which can greatly benefit the organization they work. 
Starting on March 24th, 2020 the Free Technical Training in Odoo will encourage the Odoo developers to think outside the box. Consequently, the series of training will help in refining the existing standards and practices, sharpening the developer’s skills and knowledge to critically analyze business procedures.
The training series will cover programming languages in Odoo, best practices in Odoo development and deployment, administering Odoo,  Odoo app development, and many others.
To register yourself for the Odoo Training and gather complete syllabus details.

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Currently working as ERP Consultant, interested to learn Odoo development. Current Expertise: MS SQL Server and ERP domain knowledge




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