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How Can An ERP Help Quality Management Of Products?

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How does a customer choose a product? Of course, it is the quality of the product that helps a business to win customers. A product with a competitive price will surely succeed in the market. But, the question here is how to guarantee the quality of a product manufactured at your unit.
To ensure the quality of the product we have to have an efficient system to manage all operations. You should be able to track the product from the raw material stage to the packing and transportation stage. 
We may be able to manage all these operations manually by employing a number of employees for quality assessment. But it consumes a lot of money as well as a lot of energy. Even after deploying a number of employees at different levels of production and packaging, we may not be able to get the best result. To address any quality-related problem we can choose an ERP.
Enterprise Resource Planning Software is a software tool that will help you to manage different operations without difficulty. The ease of management along with accuracy and speed are the highlights of ERP tools.
In this blog, we can take a glance at how an ERP tool can benefit the industry to ensure the quality of products.
Most of the ERP tools, be it open source or proprietary give special thrust to quality management. The ERP vendors constitute special teams to develop quality management tools to benefit other industries. Such tools will be designed in a way that would guarantee the quality of the product or service. ERP tools also offer integration support of the quality control tool with other tools making it simpler.
Quality check at different levels
ERP tools that will be used to integrate different departments and stages of production will help the company to assess the quality of a product at different levels. ERP tool will help the user introduce quality checks and set quality points. With ERP assistance a business venture will also be able to generate quality alerts. This tool helps to generate alerts if any of the quality control criteria is violated at the production level.
Constitutes Quality Control Teams
Managing quality also means the management of a team of employees who are responsible to manage the quality aspects. However, the investor will be able to reduce the number of employees as the process is more automated than manual. Quality control team means the software tool will help to assign the quality monitoring task to different employees and the manager can monitor their performance online. Whenever a quality alert is raised by the tool the team member will be responsible to intervene and address the issue.
Quality control Management
With an ERP tool, a person will have access to a dashboard displaying all quality-related details. It will help the user to get a clear view of quality alerts and the actions initiated by the quality control teams. The dashboard will be accessible for the manager and other employees based on the access restrictions. While an employee or quality team member will be able to review the alerts and act accordingly, the manager will be able to review the alert, performance by the team member and analyze the time taken to settle the issue. The ERP will also provide a platform for communication between the manager and the employees.
Generates Quality Alert
What is an alert? It is a warning that is raised when our attention is sought to address some issue. In the same way, an ERP can raise quality alerts if there is any quality-related issue in the industry. The alert will be generated and sent to the quality team and other persons with access to the tool. A team member can check the alert and take necessary action.
As ERP tools are simple software applications generating and managing quality alerts is effortless. A team member will be able to either remove the product from the inventory or repair the product and address the quality issue. This also helps you identify the cause for the quality issue and prevent such happenings in the future.
Manage Quality Control Points
Quality control points can be set with ERP support. These control points will enable the system to automatically trace products that do not meet quality standards. Any efficient ERP will be capable of setting quality control points after analyzing the requirements of the customers.
As ERP is a flexible tool, it will also help the user to reset and control the quality control points. The points can be different for different products and product variants.
Quality check status
An ERP tool can give you the status of the quality test as well. We can check if the product has passed the quality test or failed the test. This can be viewed easily with the ERP tool. With an ERP, the user will be able to access all these details from anywhere in the world.
Quality checks 
Managing quality control points and completing quality checks becomes more accurate and quick with ERP support. Auto-updates of the quality checks by the quality teams can help the manager to take necessary actions. The check result and the defects can also be listed out easily with ERP software.
Report Generation
The report is a brief of all activities done. An efficient ERP tool can help you generate reports for quality alerts and quality checks. This will help the management to realize the causes for quality-related issues. The ERP operation will also help you to identify the quality check performances.
There are different types of ERP tools developed by different ERP vendors. Odoo is such a tool that can extend support for quality management. Like many other ERP vendors, ODoo also has introduced a number of modules to offer support for different operations and the Quality module is a key module.
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