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By: Cirin C Baby

How Can Odoo Helpdesk Help Your Business?

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A look at what actually constitutes the root of a successful customer care wing will easily explain the importance of the helpdesk. For every organization, the customer service wing is closely associated with a help desk where it functions as a single point console to coordinate the operations and communications. It is the point where people connect with your organization and actually smoothen the process of the business.

Precisely, those who work at the helpdesk emerge as the face of the company in connecting with the target group. Their response towards queries and the way they deal with problems actually define the image of the company. The goodwill of the company is also created mostly with the support of those works at the Odoo help desk

Changing phases

Gone are the days when the help desk executives just performed the duty of a telephone attender or greeted the customers at the office. The duties and functioning of those working at the help desk have increased to the next level with the entry of automated office functioning and software-based operations.

A major portion of the help desk duties is now done with the support of cost-effective Enterprise Resource Planning software. With the entry of Odoo ERP, many of the successful business ventures are exploring their scopes to integrate with the help desk activities.

Why an ERP for a help desk?

The answer is very simple. In a modern business enterprise or industrial venture, there will be multi-level departments, wings, and operational streams where hundreds or thousands of employees will be working at different levels. They may be dealing with thousands of issues, communications, and activities. Coordinating them with the manual way will never be a practical solution for futuristic companies. On such occasions, the only possible way is to bring all these wings under a single point control center, where the help Desk can contribute a great deal.

The second question is how they actually deal with multiple departments. At this point, the ERP makes its entry with a lot of affordable solutions. An ERP can give accurate details about each wing, status of functioning, employees’ details, and the area they deal with at a mouse click. A person who is entrusted with the responsibility of controlling the helpdesk can quickly access those details with the support of an ERP and promptly respond to the queries or take follow-up actions. In a manual set up, the handling of such a broad affair will no more be a feasible experience.

Odoo helpdesk software

It is the most viable and easiest option for companies that want to set up a professional helpdesk to handle their activities from a single point. This will help you to manage the visitors easily, issue those visiting passes, accurately record check-in and check out details, management of visitors’ belongings, employee belongings, and printing of property labels.


In the past, these had been done in a manual way using legacy practices. The biggest drawback of such a system is the recovery of back files in case of any urgency. In a software-based system, the retrieval of visitors’ data will be an easier task. Many a time, it will be a requirement for companies to recover such data for various promotional or company requirements.

Better teamwork

The advantage of having a front desk is that it can ensure better teamwork. It can easily facilitate better coordination between various departments. Inter-department communications and exchange of information sought by the customers will be very easy through such a friendly network. Also, the management team can have the ease of accessing all the required information from a single point. They too will not have to knock at the doors of multiple departments or call the heads of multiple verticals for information.


In the same way, the customers also will not have to knock at the doors of different verticals to get the required information. They can confidently approach the help desk for getting clarification on anything or just get the right direction at the right time with the assistance of the software. The main attraction of having an ERP-based operation is that the information with you will be cent percent accurate and the customers will be happy to experience its merits.

Improving productivity and customer support


Having a good helpdesk means that you are keen to improve productivity. A fully functional and satisfactory helpdesk is the window to the operations of a successful company. IT helps to generate tickets for customers and entrust employees to manage the tickets. It can keep both the customers and the employees accountable for their work and requirements. A single point reference point for the customers will definitely help them to reach the right person without any delay. The persons concerned will be accountable for responding to the customers without any failure. At least he will be committed to give a satisfactory answer to the queries of the customers and meet the requirements.

Quick service ticket generation

A service ticket in the past was hardly a satisfactory piece of paper as it carried only minimal details. In the modern era, the generation of service tickets is a little more professional work where each and every detail of the service requisite will be recorded. It will be directed to the most appropriate person concerned for the quick results. It will be prepared in such a way as to be used for any future reference. The details entered on the tickets will be sufficient to check any future complaints related to the area.


Only with the support of a professional ERP, one will be able to generate such a service ticket. Only companies that are truly concerned about the generation of service tickets will be facilitating such a help desk with a professional approach. The happiest factor is that many modern companies are actually sticking to such professional operations with Odoo’s support.

Documentation and information management

An effective documentation and information management is the central part of the help desk where it works as the heart of prompt information delivery to multiple departments and customers. Anything which is recorded at the helpdesk will be available for future references and clarifications. The documentation process will definitely help the companies in the long run and evaluate the functional activities.


Only with the support of a perfect ERP, one will be able to manage the gathered information received at the help desk at various times. At Odoo, the process will be very easy with unique features. The information management system is available in a neat format where the operation is very simple, practical, and quick.

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