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By: Evin Davis

Odoo 14 Help Desk for Better Customer Service

Functional Odoo 14

The help desk is a service offered by many companies to support their customers. This facility can offer a contact point for the customer to register their complaints and inquiries. A help desk management becomes simple with the use of an ERP solution. Proper tracking of help desk requests and customer grievances can be made possible with the use of a help desk. The help desk with ERP support works as a link between the customer and the sales team of a company.

In this blog, we can explore the scope of Odoo 14 Help Desk for managing various customer related operations.

Multi-channel Management.

Odoo 14 helps you to get in touch with the customer using multiple modes of communication. A well-defined solution to manage all customer-related worries is possible with Odoo. Odoo can support the company to efficiently manage Sales Level Agreement policies.


Email Assisted Help Desk Support

Many customers may be sending emails to register their queries and complaints. Odoo assists the company to register these complaints and generate tickets. Automated creation of tickets is a special feature of Odoo. It can easily automate the ticket generation on email requests.


Websites to Generate Tickets

Odoo offers web forums to receive and categorize the queries of the customers. It can help a business to grow. A strong customer base can be assured if a company is using the Odoo help desk to manage customer queries. The website forum helps to qualify the queries.


Live chat

Odoo enables the easy integration of the help desk with live chat. A customer can seek round-the-clock support from the company with a live chat facility. Odoo websites can integrate a live chat and multi-lingual chat support to meet the demand of customers from different places.



SLA policy creation is important for the operation of the help desk. It can help a user to create a policy that will decide the priority of the ticket. It helps to create the SAL policy name, the help desk team responsible to manage the ticket and the priority of the ticket. Ticket type and the target types can be set here. Odoo also helps to set the days in which the tickets have to be addressed.


Optimize Productivity with SLA Policy

Odoo 14 helps to create SLA policies to ensure speedy action on tickets. Automating the emails and inclusion and exclusion of different stages helps customer management. IT can also support management templates. Canned responses can be used in Live Chat for automated and instant answers to customer queries.


Better Self Service

Odoo Help desk in collaboration with the Odoo website offers multiple platforms to customers. FAQs, training videos, and presentations can be added and updated using these features. The development of a community can also be done with Odoo's support.


Ticket Generation

A user can generate new tickets with ease. The subject name, the help desk team, and other details can be added while creating a ticket. The person responsible to manage tickets and the priority can be set here. The customer details and customer email address can also be given. Odoo also helps to view the status of the ticket.


Manage the Help Desk Team

Managing the help desk team gets easier with Odoo 14. A company can create a help desk team in a few steps. The Assignment method can be set as manually, random, or as balanced. Creating tickets through emails, website forums can also be done while creating help desk teams. It also makes it possible to track the performance.


After-Sales Management

Odoo supports the management of refunds, product returns, repairs, and coupon issuance.


Allow Customers to Close Tickets

With Odoo Helpdesk a customer can close their ticket. This helps to minimize error. The customer-company relationship can also be improved. The user will not have to worry about customer satisfaction if they are using the Odoo Help Desk. IT allows the customers to close their tickets once their complaints are addressed.


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