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10 Reasons to Choose Odoo for Manufacturing Industry

Functional Odoo 14 Manufacturing

Manufacturing Industry involves many complicated procedures and every activity can be coordinated with an enterprise resource planning software. The ERP solution that is best suited for the manufacturing industry is Odoo with a comprehensive support formula. Odoo has a dedicated manufacturing module that can be easily integrated with other Odoo modules and benefit the manufacturing industry. It is sure to help the business to coordinate all activities quickly and effectively.
Your business is sure to flourish with Odoo ERP and Odoo not only supports the manufacturing process. Instead, it supports activities including the purchase of raw materials and the sale of end products. Customer management and all other aspects of the manufacturing business get coordinated with Odoo.
In this blog, we can look at the key features of Odoo ERP for manufacturing.
1.Easy integration of different operations
Odoo being an open-source software helps the business in coordinating all operations. Different Odoo modules can be integrated suitably to ensure the best use of Odoo ERP for manufacturing. Odoo enables the integration of manufacturing with the Product life cycle, quality, maintenance, and other Odoo Modules. 
2. Product and variant management
Odoo Manufacturing ERP enables the user to manage products and product variants. This can be done by creating new products or by updating product details. The units of measure, the product pricing, and other aspects can be managed with the help of this feature. The business can list out all products and plan the product manufacturing based on manufacturing orders. Work order management, work hour estimation, and process status reviewing can be done with Odoo ERP for manufacturing
3. Bill of material management
Bill of material is important for the manufacturing industry. It helps the manufacturers to maintain the quality of products. The components used for the production of each product gets recorded here. Odoo also helps the user to manage the price of the product based on the price of raw materials.
4. Plan purchase of raw materials
Vendor management and raw material management becomes easy with Odoo for manufacturing. Odoo helps the integration of purchase activities for raw material procurement. The purchase can be done after checking the availability of the components. The order can be placed directly.
5. Coordinate marketing activities
Marketing activity involves sales, sales team management, marketing campaigns, and promotions. Odoo offers you features to support all these activities. Tracing of sales activities and reviewing the success rate of sales and marketing operations can be done if the business is using Odoo ERP for the manufacturing industry.
6. Ensure quality check
Odoo quality module can be completely integrated with Odoo Manufacturing ERP making it possible to assess the quality of the manufactured products. It helps your business to set quality standards and create alert messages. It can also help the business to maintain a quality team. The product quality is sure to improve the business by ensuring customer satisfaction.
7. Complete maintenance support
The manufacturing industry with a lot of machine support and equipment management requires comprehensive maintenance management. Odoo enables the user to integrate machine maintenance with manufacturing. This supports the user to use preventing and corrective maintenance mechanisms to manage all types of maintenance activities. It also supports the business to manage internal maintenance teams and external teams. Subcontracting of maintenance work can also be done with Odoo.
8. Manage the product life cycle
The life cycle of a product has to be managed properly to track a product at the manufacturing unit. This feature also helps to update bills of material and coordinate inter-department operations. The PLM also helps a business to plan finance efficiently by tracking a product. Management of Engineering change order can also be done with this.
9. Organize inventory management
Inventory helps a manufacturing business to store raw materials and finished goods. The management of multiple warehouses and stock transfer can be done with Odoo ERP. 
10. Ensure customer support
Customer satisfaction decides the success of a business. Odoo with proper product life cycle and quality management is sure to wing customer qualities. Contact management quotation and order management can also be done with this ERP solution.

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