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Odoo Manufacturing Integration

Functional Odoo 14 Manufacturing

Odoo Manufacturing like any other Odoo App is Integratable with other Odoo Modules. Odoo manufacturing can give you a total solution for all your manufacturing-related needs. The management of work center, quality, product and pricing, product life cycle management, and every part of the business comes under a single unit with the use of an Enterprise Resource Planning Software for the purpose.

A few Odoo modules can be integrated completely with the Odoo Manufacturing Application. Whereas a few other modules can be integrated based on the requirement of the client.   

In this blog, we can take a look at the Odoo Modules which can be integrated completely with Odoo for a complete Manufacturing process.

PLM or Product Lifecycle Management

It is a key feature that is essential for the smooth operation of a manufacturing business. This feature helps a business to track the movement of the product from the inception of the product to the final delivery of the finished good. The user will be able to get data updates from point to point with the use of this application. PLM also supports a business to maintain and manage bills of materials. It also enables engineering order changes and management of the route.

As we know in the manufacturing process we generally deal with products and their bill of material so this module called PLM will be highly useful for managing the updating or renewing the existing bill of materials for the product or updates in the versions of the product.

With PLM, Engineering change order creation we can update the product or BoM by setting certain approval levels to the responsible person as shown in the below image.


Quality: Odoo Quality is another module that can be integrated completely with the Manufacturing application. This feature helps the business to ensure the quality of the manufactured product. the product quality can be assured by setting quality points, checks, and with the help of quality alerts. This application once integrated also supports the user to form and manage quality control wings of the firm.

Odoo supports a business to make quality team members responsible for ensuring the quality of a product. With odoo quality management module it includes certain types such as Pass-Fail, Measures, Instructions, Take picture options that would generally help to check the quality of the products while its manufacturing process. This will enable the user to get an idea about the quality issues at each level of production also.


Maintenance: Industries require machinery for operation. The manufacturing industry involves a number of machines including large and complicated machines to computers and printers for completing the process. Odoo Maintenance module can be integrated completely with Manufacturing and help the business work efficiently.

The system helps to generate maintenance requests, manage maintenance calendars, and manage the maintenance teams. This also supports setting priorities for maintenance work and helps to view the status. The scrapping of damaged parts and other activities also gets eased with Odoo. With this module, we can create maintenance requests for which we can take corrective or preventive measures as per the requirement. It also involves the management of equipment which overall helps in the manufacturing process.


Repair: Odoo repair module helps to repair products after the manufacturing process if they present a defect. With Odoo repair management we can create Repair requests for a product which are defective with different invoice methods such as Before repair or After repair option which will allow you to generate invoice before or after the repair is done and No invoice option means you don't need to invoice for the repair order.


Besides, Odoo makes the integration of the following modules also possible with the manufacturing module.


Sales: This helps the business to go to the next level by managing sales quotations, orders, and carrying out invoice generation. Payment and sign management and sale record and sale team management also become simple with Odoo.


Marketing: Odoo ERP promotes marketing to help the manufacturing business grow. Email, SMS, or social marketing tools can be used based on the requirement of the users.


Accounting: Get your financial works done with Odoo accounting. The manufacturing industry, which involves a lot of financial planning and expenses can make use of this feature.

Purchasing: The manufacturing process cannot take off without purchasing raw materials. Vendor management and purchase order and bill management can be done with this app.


Human Resources Management: This feature helps a manufacturing firm to manage employees, time off, appraisal, attendance, and all other employee-related activities. This can be integrated with the manufacturing module if required. 

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