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By: Evin Davis

Odoo 14 ERP for Manufacturing

Functional Odoo 14 Manufacturing

In the real world, an idea is only coined successful if it's put into a physical form or has the capability to solve an issue in the physical environment. Likewise, the idea is only succeeded if the product and the finished outcome is successful. In the real world, the ideologies of visionaries and industrialists are put to success by manufacturing and production on small or larger scales. In the initial stages, the product may be a prototype and a minimum number that will be undergoing testing. Any way of designing, developing, and producing a product from an idea can be described as manufacturing.

Let me describe, consider cars or automobiles initially its design in some visionaries desk which he/she sketched it roughly when the idea struck his mind. Later the design is developed in advanced software by a design capable of handling one. Now a miniature model is designed in wood or plastic to demonstrate its executive. Upon approval the engine and the subsequent equipment are designed and developed, thereby building a prototype. The prototype is undergoing testing and is successfully presented to the world in motor shows and publicity events to attain the customer's response and feedback. Based on these the company again remodels the prototype to be run in for production. A designated number of units are produced, set to regulations testing, and is sent out to showrooms for booking by the customers.

The manufacturing operations are inevitable in a production-based company and there has to be utmost planning and scheduling involved like in the above example to be run in a smooth process. Let me take you to the end of the past century where industrialization was booming, manufacturing companies were developed and established in every corner of the world, the management of these operations have been decreasing and the capability to have an efficient system is nullified even though the companies are generating huge profits. Thus at the end of the last century and the wake of the century, there have been developments in the usage of the software as a service(SaaS) model to manage the industrial operations of the world.

Odoo was one of such management software or can be defined as Enterprise and resource planning software developed to control, monitor, and manage the entire business operations of a company from a single platform. So what does Odoo have to do with manufacturing? Odoo operated based on a modular structure with designated modules for the management of respective sections of an industrial operation in an interconnected manner. Odoo has an efficient manufacturing module along with certain addons which can be customized to run the production operation of a company.



Features of Odoo 14 Manufacturing

The Odoo manufacturing module will enhance your operational control and bring in advanced tools of manageability operations which would help you to run the production operations in a smooth environment.
The user can efficiently manage manufacturing orders, repairs, and work orders which are undergoing in the production operations of the company. Furthermore rush orders can be managed with efficient planning and in a cost-efficient manner.

Schedule and Plan
The manufacturing operations of the company can be scheduled and planned in the model to avoid clash and cross functioning in a live environment. The user can allocate employees, work centers, and production lines of operations. Furthermore, the bill of materials, product variant operations, and the uses of raw materials can be efficiently controlled by the platform.
The module allows the user to schedule and plan ideal use of work centers and machinery which will eliminate the wastage in productivity and the profit generations. In addition to planning, the operation will reduce the time on operations, usage of raw materials, and the resources available.

The user can define specified routes of operations for the product moves which can be customized and drafted to be operational as per their own standards. The routing defined can be included along with manufacturing operations. Furthermore, a multi-level bill of material along with a draftable rule of the platform allows the manufacturing operations to be run at advanced levels.

Inventory Manageability
The operations in Odoo are interconnected to be operations with the modules in the platform. One carnage done in a module is deposited in the entire modules of the platform. The user can manage the inventory as well as the manufacturing operations accordingly and vice versa. With the management of raw materials, finished goods, product moves, and active stock-flow the manufacturing operations can be configured to be operational in a reliable environment.

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