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Odoo 14 HR Management

Functional Odoo 14 Human Resource

Odoo offers an all-around solution for all requirements of a business. Manufacturing or sales, project management, or service sector, Odoo helps a business to manage different aspects of its operation.  With a number of ERP supports, Odoo assures that accounting, purchase, sale, and other activities taking place in an organization are taken care of well. Human resources Management, a key target of any business or organization also gets prime importance in Odoo.  The software solution coordinates all activities part of a human resource management wing. 

Odoo has totally integrated software that is best suited to perform different tasks of the human resources wing. It helps to complete different processes from the recruitment of an employee to a salary. Human resources management is the management of all employees along with their all requirements and payment. Odoo ensures comprehensive support to complete all these tasks in a quick way.

Now let us take a glance at the key features of Odoo HRMS.

Easy Employee Management

Management of Employee directory, employee details, contact details of the employees, and other activities become quick and efficient. Odoo gives a comprehensive overview of the departments along with the staff details, pending Human resource activities, and so on. Reporting on employee contracts and employee presence also become very effective with the Odoo Employee module. Managers and the human resources wing can easily manage appraisals, leave requests, and expenses with Odoo support.

Odoo Employee modules will allow the user to record all the necessary information related to their employees like their Skills and resume, Work information, Private information, and Contact details. For every employee we can define or schedule their Working hours, can set approver for leave, expenses, and timesheet, can set timesheet cost, and assign the fleet mobility card.


Odoo contracts for employees include information related to their Salary, yearly advantages, Salary structure, personal documents.

With the Odoo Employee module, you can plan the onboarding and onboarding processes and can manage the goals and challenges for the employee.

Effective Supervision of Time & Attendance

Odoo helps an organization to easily manage the attendance of an employee. Odoo has an exclusive attendance module that comes as part of the HRMS to handle this. This module helps an employee to register their check-in and check-out time efficiently. With Odoo a company can choose manual attendance management or biometric management of attendance. With this application, the manager of the firm or department heads can easily manage the attendance and the employees.


With Odoo attendance management the user can set Pin or can assign badge id to each employee using which they can simply log in to the company and mark their attendance in the attendance log.

Manage Time-off

Time off or Leave management is a critical part of human resources management. The salary payment and all other activities of an organization are related to leaving management. If there is no proper system to manage leave it can even affect the functioning of the organization. Odoo with the Time Off module helps the business to manage the leaves of employees efficiently. It helps the employees to mark their leave and send it for approval. The managers can view the leave of all employees in a single window and can decide on the leave application. The manager can approve or reject the application and also review the leave statistics of employees.


The Odoo Timeofff module allows the user to create different time-off types and choose the required hours of leave. You can mark it as a full day, half-day, or even mention the hours required. Besides, you can also fix the validity of the request and can also manage the Allocation request mode such as No limits ,Allow Employees Requests, and Set by Time Off Officer. Similarly, we also have the Time off requests with different approval levels that are No Validation, By Time Off Officer, By Employee's Manager, By Employee's Manager, and Time Off Officer.

Expense Management Simplified

With the Odoo expense module, it allows employees to submit their expenses. The managers can review the expenses and accept or reject these expenses. The manager can also examine the bills and take decisions based on this. This is directly connected to accounts and on getting approval the expense report will be transferred to the accounts wing who will, in turn, make the payments and post expenses.


Employee Appraisal Management

The appraisal is a key part of human resources management. Timely performance evaluation of employees ensures better performance of employees as well as supports the best employee-employer relationship. Odoo offers appraisal management support to set appraisal goals and complete appraisal in a few steps.


With the Odoo appraisal module, the HR can schedule the appraisal meeting with the concerned employee or the employee also has the option to request for the appraisal. It also allows the HR manager to assign certain goals to their employees and track their progress in each stage.


Recruitment of employees for a firm should be done in a precise manner to ensure that the workforce of the company is well equipped to take the company to new heights. Odoo HRMS makes recruitment a simple process with application management, job position management, and sorting of applications for different posts. It also enables the sorting of applicants based on their qualifications. The ranking of employees based on initial qualification, interview, and other performances also become simple with Odoo.



The timesheet helps to manage the working hours of an employee. This is essential for calculating work efficiency as well as salary. This system also supports a team to identify the total working hours of an employee and the time spent on each project. With the Odoo timesheet module, the employee can effectively keep track of their work like the total duration spent on a particular project and the progress on the project.



Salary management of an employee is also the responsibility of a human resources wing. With Odoo, a Human resources wing can manage salary taking into account different salary types and structures. Creation of salary rules and salary structure and accounting these salary types can be managed with ease with Odoo. Generating payslip, reflecting time off days and other expenses in the payslip can also be done. Odoo Payroll management module allows calculating the workdays of employees by reading upon the attendance of the employee and manager also able to see the work entries of the employee and can also track any conflict in the work entries.


Odoo 14 HRMS helps all organizations to a great deal with their human resources management requirements.

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