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By: Evin Davis

Cross-Selling in Odoo 14 eCommerce

Functional Odoo 14 Website&E-commerce

The business terminologies involved in the company operate on the achievement of the main goal which for every organization in the world is to achieve profits. How they spend their profit may depend entirely upon the company, its directors, and the partners involved. As the ultimate aim is profit generations, they also focus on the fact that the company should not acquire any losses in the long run and the functioning. Whether it's a multinational company, a retail shop, or an online business platform the trick for-profit generations are similar, to attain more customers and make the customers buy more from the company.
The customer interface locations are designed and drafted similarly. To illustrate, consider a retail establishment of a supermarket, where the aisle is designed in a manner to attain customer attention, increase the spending habit of the customer and sell out the products which are beneficial for the company. Similarly, in the case of an e-commerce or online store platform, the operational configurations are designed to please the customer as well as to boost the company sales. In the case of an online platform operation, the main terminology is to make the customer spend more time on the website therefore they end up buying the products.
The business management operations of a company are well efficiently managed by software nowadays which has much more accessibility and usability in this digitalized world. Among these Odoo ERP stands out with its impeccable capability of business management. Odoo ERP operating from a central platform having centralized inventory and database operations can be a reliable tool in the modern era of business management. Odoo has designated a website management module that helps the user to define company websites as well as e-commerce websites of the company, manage them, and control the operations.
This blog will provide an overview of how the cross-selling operations are conducted in the Odoo platform?
Optional products
The use of optional products terminology in the sales operation is a cross-selling methodology put forward in the Odoo platform. Here the user can define optional products for the main product. The optional ones are the products that would go with the main product and would add additional functionality to it. In the Odoo platform, the optional products of operations can be defined while describing the products in the inventory menu.
To define optional products to the main product, select the main product description window and under the sale tab, the user could view a description to define the optional products associated with it. Any product defined in the Odoo platform can be defined as an optional product.
Cross-Selling in Odoo 14 E-commerce Cybrosys
As the optional product is defined when the customer logs in to the website and selects the main product while scrolling down the optional products associated with are described as shown in the below image.
Cross-Selling in Odoo 14 E-commerce Cybrosys
Accessory products
The Odoo platform allows users to define additional accessory products for the main products. The accessory product description for the main product can be done in the e-commerce platform menu under the product descriptions window of the respective product. Also, the user can define more than one product as the accessory product in the product description window.
Cross-Selling in Odoo 14 E-commerce Cybrosys
Alternative products
The alternative products are the ones that will be listed under the main product description on the website. Here a product similar to the main product is being described which allows the users of the Odoo platform to showcase the various options available for the same product such as variants based on color, texture, and many more. The user can describe the optional product in the platform under the e-commerce tab of the product description menu.
Cross-Selling in Odoo 14 E-commerce Cybrosys
Once the customer visits the website and looks for the described product the alternative products associated will be listed down below the product description.
Cross-Selling in Odoo 14 E-commerce Cybrosys
The operational tools in Odoo to describe the optional, alternative, accessory product are being used to boost up the sales for the company. Also, these optional tools ensure that the customer visiting the company website or e-commerce platform never exits without rendering a product. Also, the advanced promotional and marketing tools such as help desk, live chat, email, and SMS marketing will also help the users in Odoo to drive in the customers. Therefore boosting the sales and the profitability and the productivity charts go up.
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