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By: Evin Davis

5 Reasons Why Top Industries are Moving Towards Odoo


Enterprise and resource planning software are the ones that are driving the business operations of companies across the world. Nowadays the major business operations are multinational, national, Small shops, retail as well as the service industry are employing ERPs to indulge with the management operations as well as the functioning of their business. The use of ERPs has been increased drastically while comparing to the previous year's chart as it brings in high productivity and profitability value to the organization.

So why are major industries choosing ERP management systems? The answer is simple as the ERPs bring various features of business management and operations to the company to run its operations in a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective prospect that is suitable to the users. There are various ERPs available in the market but among them, the Odoo ERP tops the charts on the number of the user. How did Odoo, an ERP management software developed in the past decade gain is attention and such a high number of users around the world? The question might be a regular one for every person. Because it's not possible to attain such customer access to a software technology that is being used by a minimum number of people. However, a person like me who has been working and using Odoo for a long time will be astonished by the question. 

Moreover, there is nothing impossible in the aspects of business management considering Odoo. One of the key aspects to this is the customization ability which allows the user of the platform to flex the software operations to be suitable and adaptable to the company's operational standards.

This blog will describe why many industries are moving towards Odoo?

Modernized Approach

Outdated technology and the capability to implement modern terminology and strategy of operation in business management operations is the one thing that has been pulling back the growth of a company. The Odoo ERP brings in a modular approach that has the user run the business operations more efficiently and reliably. Moreover, the described module of operations in Odoo is designed to cater to application-specific needs which would be useful in company operations. Additionally, the Odoo platform is considered as one of the most advanced and up-to-date management software which is capable of implementing all modern solutions to business operations as well as applications.

Simplifying Business Management

The Odoo platform has a methodology to run the operations the company runs in a simplified approach which would help the user to run the operations more reliably and efficiently. Moreover, the model-based design of Odoo has provided the user with specific applications such as sales, purchase, accounting, manufacturing, inventory, HR management, and many more to simplify and provide the user with a breakdown approach of operations.

Solving Unnoticed Problems which will Benefit in the Long run

The Odoo platform helps the user to run the company operations not only helps the user with initial benefits but also helpful in the long run of functioning. Moreover, Odoo helps the user to hold on to double-entry bookkeeping and analytical accounting aspects which helps the user to run the financial aspects of operations more efficiently. In addition, the platform provides the provision to optimize stock turnover rates and measure the efficiency of deliveries. Furthermore, the follow-up options of the accounting module ensured that the client payment was obtained.

Advanced Operational Tools

The Odoo platform recognizes the need for advanced tools to simplify the real-time operations of the company. Moreover, the platform provides the user with tools such as cross-docking, drop shipping, bank reconciliation, lead enrichment, inventory forecasting, barcode integration, replenishment, advanced routing and product removal and many more will contribute to the user to run the operations in Odoo more reliability.

Run all Sectors of Business from a Single Platform

The Odoo platform allows the users to run the wholesale, retail shop, or even e-commerce operations of the company from a single platform. Additionally in Odoo the user can create a company website using the website builder and configure the e-commerce websites. Moreover, the Point of sale module helps the user to run the retail operations of a shop. Furthermore, the centralized inventory, as well as the centralized database of the platform, are the aspects that have rooted for these operations in Odoo.

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