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By: Evin Davis

How can Odoo be the workforce management system for business?

Functional Odoo 15 Human Resource

The management of the employees and their effective operation is one of the vital aspects required in any business worldwide. This is because the employees are the critical backbone of any organization,  and managing their operations effectively will result in high productivity in the business’s operations. Therefore, companies around the world have been adapting to newer technologies and advanced process methodologies, which will bring in effective employee management and advanced controlling tools to manage their operations.
With the turn of the century and the advancement in technologies along with the digitalization aspects being brought into operations, the business has adapted to the newer software tools which provide dedicated and complete operations control. Today, numerous software-based solutions provide effective employee management and reliable tools for operations. Enterprise and Resource planning software tools that are available today proceeding with a complete and dedicated business management solution reliably put forward multiple HR management tools that will help with the workforce management of the companies. Moreover, there is a wide range of choices regarding the complete and effective management of the business and its operations with ERP-based tools.
Odoo, a new generation Enterprise and Resource planning software solution with complete and adequate business operations control, put forward dedicated and complete operational aspects regarding employee management. With the modular approach catering to each of the applicational elements of the business, the Odoo platform will act as the all-in-one tool for the business management aspects. Regarding employee management, the Odoo platform has numerous HR-based tools that will cater to the operations from employee recruitment to payroll generation every week or twice a week.
This blog will provide insight to you on how the Odoo ERP platform will cater to the business as a workspace management system for the management of employee operations.
Odoo understands that employees are the major asset of every organization, and it's also considered so. Therefore, the need for effective management solutions to run the day-to-day operations of the employee functioning in a business is vital. There are requirements for dedicated tools for its process. Odoo has numerous HR management tools such as Recruitment, Employees, Payroll, Approvals, Appraisal, Time Off, Expenses, Attendance, Lunch, Fleet, Planning, and many more, all providing distinct operations capabilities for the operations of the HR department in a company. Moreover, the capability to undergo any level of customization makes the companies’ HR management operations the way the business needs will make Odoo an exceptional HR management tool. Here are the aspects of the Odoo platform which make it an excellent workforce management tool for the business.
Run online recruitment operations
With the Odoo Recruitment module, both online and offline recruitment actions for the various vacant posts can be conducted effectively and completely control the operations. Multiple stages of the recruitment operations can be defined based on the company’s operational needs. Thus providing full autonomy for the business to function the employee hiring process based on the needs of the management.
Employee module
The employee module defines all the employee details such as their skills, resume details, certification, and personal details. Additionally, the salary structure for each employee can be defined in this module and the managers will get the complete information regarding their company operations in regards to the employee functioning. In addition, reminders can be set which will indicate the expiry of licenses of the employees if required for the functioning in the company.
Attendance management
In the Odoo platform, there is a dedicated Attendance management module that will help you to mark the employee attendance based on their operations. Moreover, with the integration of advanced biometric devices and barcode scanner tools placed in the company entrance, attendance registering can be automated. The same can be configured for remote working employees to log into a portal to record their attendance.
Time Off management
The Odoo Time off module can be used to manage the time off and the vacation for the employees based on the requirements of the employees. A dedicated module will cater to all the management of the Time off based on the operations requirements of the business. Moreover, the employees can request time off with the help of the approvals module through which the time-off request can be generated to the managers, and they can approve the recommendations.
Payroll generation
With the Odoo payroll management module, the managers can generate the payroll for the employees based on the attendance of the respective employee. The dedicated payroll management module will let you manage the payroll generation and the operations of the employees. The payslips for the individual employees for each of the months can be generated based on the payroll which has been developed.
The employees can Refer candidates for the vacant positions
With the Referrals module of the Odoo platform, the employees who are currently working in an organization can refer the Family and Friends for any vacant position of the company. The Referral module also allows you to earn points based on the recommendations for the eCommerce website products.
Report generation
Report generation is one of the main features of the Odoo platform, in regards to the HR operations of the companies with the Odoo ERP, advanced analytical reports can be generated based on the real-time operations of the HR operations in a company, and with the well-defined defined filtering and grouping tools of operation, various reports can be caused.
These are certain of the tools in Odoo erp system that make it compatible as a workforce management system for businesses with complete operations control on the employee operations and dedicated aspects of management and functioning in managing their operations.

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