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By: Fajar Ashraf Vp

How the Multi Employee Per Session Feature Works in Odoo 16 POS App

Functional Odoo 16

Odoo 16 POS (Point of Sale) is a comprehensive point-of-sale software solution that can be used to manage retail businesses. It includes a wide range of features. Employee features are among the most advanced and essential methods of modern retail or business management expertise.

The activities of cashier management can be especially challenging to keep track of if you are managing a store. Managing several cashiers is difficult because they frequently make unintended mistakes that affect crucial sales data. No matter how large your cashier chain is, Odoo's Multi Employees per Session functionality allows you to effectively monitor the cashier's progress. Only allowed employees can make sales from the POS. They can log in with their PIN number or with their badge. So keeping track of your cashiers and staff across all of these businesses is simply because of Odoo's ability to manage your stores from anywhere in the globe with just one database. And it will be able to analyze which order is taken by which employee.

You can easily handle and manage many Cashiers with the help of the Multi Employees per Session feature in the Odoo PoS module. You can use this tool to keep track of your employees and to find out who is working, their shift schedules, and the amount of cash that each cashier has gotten. To get this feature, head to Settings from the configuration tab of the PoS module. Under the PoS interface, you can see the Multi employee per session. 


Enabling this feature allows multiple employees to log in to the sessions. Here you can see the field for adding employees. Select the employees that are allowed to enter your shop. Having access to multiple employees may cause errors unintentionally. To prevent that, you can set up a unique pin code for the employees. That means the employee must input the PIN code or scan their badge to enter the session. These credentials can be set up in the HR settings of the employee form.

Let's look at how the login credentials for the employee can be configured. For that, open the employee form and set up the pin code or badge ID from the employee's HR settings. 


Here you can set the PIN Code and generate the badge ID for the employee. Now let’s go back to the POS and check how the login works with multiple employees.

After enabling the multi-employee per session, when an employee logs in to your shop, there will be a login interface, as shown below.


Here, you have two options for logging in. Either the cashier can scan their badges or manually choose the cashier and enter the PIN code provided by the organization.

By selecting the “select cashier” button, they can manually choose the cashier.


From here, choose the cashier and enter the PIN code provided.


After logging into the session, you can see that the user is Anita Oliver. 


And there is only a session locking option. Because only the administrator can close the sessions. Odoo 16 PoS has two types of access rights, user and administrator.

Let’s check with a user with the access rights of the administrator.


Here you can see the user has the session closing option in the Navigation bar because the logged user is an administrator. The employee with Administrator access rights can be able to close the session.

This way, you can simply manage multiple employees per session in Odoo 16 PoS, and from the reporting, you can track each cashier’s performance with different measures.


For effective company planning, it is crucial to save Cashier sales data. You can track and manage your cashiers easily with the Odoo PoS module. You can get a thorough summary of the cashier's transactions.

And also, from the orders tab, You can see the order details, such as the cashier who handled the order, and other data.


Overall, the Multi Employees per Session feature is a valuable tool that can help you to improve the efficiency, accountability, and security of your Odoo 16 POS. The Multi Employees per Session feature also provides you with better reporting capabilities. You can track the sales performance of individual employees, as well as the overall sales performance of your POS. By tracking which employee is responsible for each order, you can see how much each employee is contributing to the business. This information can be helpful for making decisions about employee compensation and promotions. And also help to improve customer service. Having multiple employees available to help customers can reduce wait times and provide a more personalized experience. Moreover, the Multi Employees per Session feature can help to improve security by preventing unauthorized users from accessing the POS. This can help to protect your business from fraud and theft.

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