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By: Niyas Raphy

How To Create Task From Sale Order v11

Odoo 11 Sales

Let us look at how can we create a task automatically from the sales order. Before further proceedings make sure that the project, timesheet and sales modules and installed in the database.

First of all what we have to do is that we have to create a product, for you can go to the products menu and create a product. Make sure that the type of the product is Service.


In the above image, you can see that the product type is set as service and unit of measure for both sales and purchase is set to Hour(s). Now if you go to the invoicing page in the product form,


Here you have the key point of this topic. You can see an option service tracking in the above image, there you have different options available. You can select any one of the available options as per our need.

Available options are:

> Don't create a task
> Create a task in an existing project
> Create a task in a new project
> Create a new project but no task

From the above options we have selected the third one, ie, create a new task in a new project for the further proceedings. So now we have done with the product creation. So rest of the things has to be done in Quotation/ Sales form.

So right now we have our created product named ‘Cybro Support’, so let us go and create a quotation/ sales and see what happens.


So now we have created a quotation, then upon confirming the sales order, the creation of the task/project as per the configuration is done has taken place.


In the above image, you can see the smart buttons(marked in the above image) to access the task and project.

Upon clicking the Task smart button we can see the task created for this sale order.


Above image is the task which is created from the sale order, you can see the name of the sale order(ie, SO020) along with the task name.

Now if we click on the Project overview button in the sale order you will get more useful information.


This is how we can generate task from sale order in Odoo

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