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By: Saritha

How to Export data in Odoo?

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Being one of the trending ERP, Odoo supports many simple but highly useful features to it users. Data Export is such a useful option available in Odoo. Odoo allows the user to export any kind of data from the ERP system.  Every form in Odoo has a standard mechanism for exporting data to a CSV file or Excel. In this blog, I will be explaining how to export data from Odoo with the help of an example. 

Export data from Odoo
Data export is a standard feature available in the List view of every form in Odoo. To export the data in the form, first select the corresponding checkboxes on the left side of a form.
Now go to Actions-> Export and follow the procedures. 

Here is an example, let's try to export the product details.    
Go to Sales -> Sales -> Products 


Select the records to be exported by clicking the checkbox on the left of each record. Or you can select the entire record by clicking on the checkbox on the top of the tree view.
Now go to Actions-> Export 


You will get the Export Data dialog box. Select the fields you want to export. like,
 - Name,
 - Product Type,
 - Internal Category
 - Uom
 - Unit price 
 - Sale Price...etc

You can  select fields in two ways:
1. Select field  and add them one at a time, or
2. Ctrl-click them and add the multiple selections - the order in which you select them, is the order in which they will be displayed.

Save fields List
There may be cases where you do not wish to export your data just now or would like to use the same fields for future exports, you have the option to save these settings.
To do that, click Save fields List and give your export a name. This is shown in below image.


If everything is fine, click on Export to export the resulting data to CSV/Excel file. Save the file to a local computer.
The exported CSV/Excel files can be opened with a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. 
Similarly, we can import data into Odoo. We have already published a blog on the topic. You can read it here 'How to import data in Odoo?'.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.



I have no "action>export" option on my Sales. What should i do?




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