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By: Remya R

How to Grant Portal Access to a Customer/Client in Odoo 15

Odoo 15

Portal users are external users such as customers or clients. An administrator can give specific access rights to these external users. Portal users do not have the right to edit or change the website’s contents. They will have an only view or read access to the contents. With Odoo, an infinite number of portal user access can be defined.In Odoo’s e-commerce website, an internal user can grant portal user access to a customer. This functionality will provide customers with a beautiful shopping experience with the company. We can give portal access to a customer from the respective customer’s form in the Contacts module. Once the customer is created in Odoo, we can give portal access to that customer by clicking on the Grant portal access under the Action menu on the top of the customer’s form.how-to-grant-portal-access-to-a-customerclient-in-odoo-15 When you click on the Grant portal access, a wizard will appear to add an email address and enable the grant access option, as given in the image below. The email ID provided should be a valid email, and access to the customer will be available only through this email ID.After granting the contact portal user access, we should initially set a password that the portal user can later modify with the change password option.how-to-grant-portal-access-to-a-customerclient-in-odoo-15 After clicking on grant access, we can see two options for revoking the access and re-inviting the customer.how-to-grant-portal-access-to-a-customerclient-in-odoo-15 Next, let’s see all the options available for a portal user on the Odoo website.Once the customer logs in to the Odoo website as a portal user, they will be able to reset the password by providing a new password for the site, as shown in the image given below.how-to-grant-portal-access-to-a-customerclient-in-odoo-15 After logging in to the portal, users can view the dashboard, containing various menus such as shops, events, blogs, and many more. The portal user can browse through all these options available, place orders, and they can track them as well. Similarly, a customer can register for various events and subscribe to multiple courses.how-to-grant-portal-access-to-a-customerclient-in-odoo-15 In the below image, we can see the My Account and Logout menus using which a portal user can manage their account details and log out from the site after using the website.how-to-grant-portal-access-to-a-customerclient-in-odoo-15 The Portal User functionality will provide the customers with a better shopping experience, connect with the company directly, and be valued as a discrete customer among all the shoppers.

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