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How to Organize Fleet Management in Odoo


What is fleet management?

Fleet management can be termed as the act of managing all vehicle-related operations. It will include the registration, maintenance, fuel consumption, fuel cost, route management, asset utilization, and every other aspect of vehicle management. Fleet management is an unavoidable operation for any company that owns or leases vehicles for carrying out their regular tasks. 

This operation is mandatory for managing trucks, taxi cabs or any other types of vehicles.

Fleet management will help your business to effectively implement cost reduction initiatives and ensure an increased productivity of vehicles. It will also support the management to use all vehicles and avoid mechanical failure.

Why does fleet management require ERP support?

Fleet management is an operation that involves a number of tasks. The fleet manager will have to take care of the total number of vehicles, their models, routes, and maintenance calendar, and driver details. Besides, the fleet manager will have to check the fuel usage. It will also monitor and manage the running time of the vehicle. 

All these tasks become easy and effortless if we are using an ERP solution for the purpose. Then we will have to just enter the vehicle details.

What is Odoo Fleet Management?

Odoo fleet management is a solution that will help you to manage all your vehicle management related works with a click. This software solution is easy to use and can be integrated with other business management solutions. 

- Odoo Fleet will help us to document vehicle details, contact details, and services.

- It also supports us to manage Odoo meters.

- This application helps to view the registration status of the vehicle and manage registration

- The management of driver's history is also possible 

- The services scheduled can be managed and service alerts generated

- Vehicle cost management and cost reporting can also be done 

- This application helps us to manage the manufacturer details.

- Vehicle models can also be listed and managed for different purposes. 

Key features of Odoo Fleet Management module

Register vehicles

The Odoo Fleet management app helps a business with the complete registration of new vehicles. 


We can select the application and enter the vehicle details. The details include the model number, manufacturer and other features of the vehicle. Once all these details are filled then we can complete the registration process. This feature can help the user to create a new vehicle. Different stages of the process will be listed as below

New request

To order



Record Odometer value


An odometer is an instrument that is part of a vehicle to measure the distance traveled. This odometer can be connected to the ERP solution using the Odoo platform. This will help the fleet manager to track the distance traveled by each of the vehicles registered under fleet management software. This helps to assess the fuel consumption. The Odometer value for a particular day can be viewed.

Manage Vehicle Costs


This feature will help a user to track the amount spent on a vehicle on a particular day or a particular period. The maintenance and repair cost or the amount spent to purchase the vehicle or lease the vehicle will be listed here. This can be viewed in a graphic form or list form. Cost analysis is also made possible.

Vehicle Contracts management


A user will be able to record all contact details including the type of the vehicle and the responsible person. Besides, it also helps to manage contract terms and conditions. The user will be able to track the date when the contract started. IT will also help to track the expiration date of the contract. 

Improved Fuel Usage.

Odoo Fleet management supports the user to track the fuel logs of the vehicle. The fleet manager can easily find out the fuel consumption rate of each vehicle with the help of an Odometer. This can improve fuel usage patterns as well as trace the expenses and ensure transparency. This will help to track the odometer status, fuel cost, and vendor name. This will help the fleet manager to ensure real-time tracking of the fuel logs. 

Vehicle Service Logs.


The vehicle service log will help the user to manage all repair and maintenance related details. It will help you to track the service type, date, cost, and vendor details. Besides, it enables to enter other details including vehicle details, driver details, and Odometer value. The status of the service can also be tracked using this feature.

Costs analysis

Cost analysis is a feature that comes along with reporting features. This feature helps a fleet manager to find out the cost of different vehicles and compare them with each other.


It will support the user to get an idea about the fuel consumption pattern of different vehicles, the service cost of different vehicles, and other expenses. This comparison and analysis help the fleet manager to focus on economic vehicles in the future. The vehicle purchase or lease pattern can also be decided based on this.

Configure Manufacturer


We can create and manage manufacturer details. It can help you to manage manufacturer details.

Configure Vehicle Model


It can help you to manage different models of the vehicles and list the vehicles.

Benefits of Odoo Fleet Management

It gives us the advantage of ensuring transparency in the operation of vehicles. Companies using a number of vehicles for logistic or transportation purposes can make use of the support of the application. With this support, we can grow our business.

- It ensures real-time tracking of the vehicles

- Supports the monitoring of assets

- The history of the vehicle can be traced

- Driver history can be managed

- Can generate cost reports

- Cost analysis of vehicles made easy

- Graphic reports help to easily understand the real statistics

- Fleet management can be integrated with ERP solutions.

- Can be controlled and tracked from anywhere

- Even android based smartphones can be used as a device

- Can integrate fleet management with tracking devices.

Odoo fleet management system offers you a total solution to manage all vehicle-related operations. Control the fleet from any place with a few clicks. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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