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By: Cirin C Baby

Seafood Industry with Odoo 14

Functional Odoo 14

The fish industry is a major food processing industry that requires intense coordination. Industries where a large number of people work together need a comprehensive support system for smooth operation. An ERP solution, that too, a perfect one can extend great support to the investors in the fish industry.

Odoo is the best ERP solution for all industries. Especially for those who are searching for a quality control mechanism, Odoo offers a total solution.

Here, in the blog, we can take a look at how the fish industry can benefit from the use of Odoo 14.

Manage Manufacturing Order

Odoo constantly supports the manufacturing industry with ERP tools. Odoo supported by an E platform offers assistance to coordinate every aspect of the business from the purchase of raw fish to the delivery of finished fish products. Manufacturing order management is the key highlight of Odoo.

Odoo dashboard itself gives a clear overview of all manufacturing orders. Odoo supports the investor by providing the details of the order number, the scheduled date of manufacturing, product details, units of measures to be produced, and the component availability. What is more? Odoo offers the quantity and company details also. Besides, the status of the order can also be viewed from the overview of the manufacturing module itself.


Check availability

Odoo 14, the latest version of Odoo open source software ensures quick assistance for checking the availability of the raw materials or components for producing fish products.  The availability of different varieties of fish required for producing pickle, frozen fish items, and other fish varieties can be identified with a click. The availability check will also help the user to replenish the inventory on time. The availability check will avoid the wastage of time and resources owing to the shortage of raw materials.


Manage work hours

Like every other industry, the fish industry needs proper work hour management support. Odoo's manufacturing module helps to calculate the estimated time required for the completion of a product. The time required for producing a product at the work center can be calculated with ERP support. This helps the investor to plan the working hours. Besides, the work hour management can be planned to take into account the availability of raw materials.


Organize work center

A fish manufacturing unit may have one work center or multiple work centers depending on the working pattern and the investment. Odoo 14 assists the user to coordinate a single work center as well as multiple work centers. Routing of the activities at the work centers gets simple with ERP support.

Odoo helps to document the details of operations at each work center, the name of the work center, the scheduled start date, scheduled end date, and expected duration. The status of the process at the work center can also be monitored with Odoo.


Ensure Quality control

Odoo quality control measures are the best for the food industry. Odoo supports the generation of quality alerts, management of quality checkpoints. It also helps the investor to manage a quality control team. 

This helps proper quality checks at all stages of fish processing. Timely correction in quality management and improved customer relations is also assured with Odoo.


Manage warehouse

A fish industry can have one or more warehouses for the storage of raw materials and finished products. With Odoo ERP, management of single or multiple warehouses becomes a simple task. Odoo offers the best support for managing the shelf life of products, the stock of the product, and the availability of raw materials. The batch picking and lot and serial number assisted product management also help the fish industry to organize all processes. Odoo also helps to take stock of products and the demand for products based on purchase analysis.


Cost Analysis

Odoo 14 Manufacturing module offers assistance for cost analysis also. The user can enter the product code and the component details. On adding the quantity to be produced and the unit cost the system auto-generates the total cost. Such a feature helps the fish industry to plan investments and activities in a scientific way.


Forecast demand

How does Odoo support forecast demand? ODoo 14 manufacturing module also supports assessing demand. The process helps the investor to get details of the total quantity of products available. The expected demand and expected delivery can also be assessed.

Odoo forecast facility also supports the generation of a forecast report. The report contains details such as products on hand, products forecasted, forecasted and pending, and on-hand value. This also helps to calculate inventory on hand and the expected delivery time of the manufacturing order. This helps to plan manufacturing processes, work center operations, and work order management.


Track product movement

Traceability is an important feature of Odoo. It helps the user to track the movement of components from the warehouse to the work centers. The products from the work center to the inventory also can be tracked. The use of lot numbers or serial numbers also helps the fish industry to track the movement of finished or packed products from the inventory to the retailers.


Generate Bill of Materials

Bill of material can be defined as a document that records the details of the components used for the production of a product. It is important in the manufacturing industry. Bill of material management becomes important in the fish industry also as the industry produces different products using different components. The recipe management of fish products can also be done with the help of Odoo BoM support.

BoM of the Odoo Manufacturing module helps the user to enter the details of products, product variant, quantity, BoM Type, company detail, and the details of components. This includes the details of the quantity of each component and the unit of measure of components used for the production of a unit of the product. This can be applied to all product variants. Separate BoM can also be managed for different attributes. BoM also supports the documentation of different types of products.


Coordinate with vendors

Managing the vendors, who supply fish for the production of processed fish products is very important for the growth of the industry. Odoo offers support to maintain the contact of vendors and helps the users to manage proper communication with the vendors. Odoo also supports the integration of email communication with the vendors. Quotation management and purchase order generation can also be managed with Odoo support.


Serial/ Lot Number Management


This feature that can be created from the Inventory module helps the business to manage the stock in an efficient way. It helps to trace the stock with the help of the number. This can be created at the inventory module. This feature will help the seafood industry to track the packages and manage the stock based on the manufacturing date. This can also support location tracing and product management.

Expiry Date Management


Expiry date of the product has to be managed in an efficient way. Especially if the product belongs to the edible category. If not managed well, the product can reach the market after expiry date damaging the goodwill of your firm. Odoo can help you to manage the date. 


Customer management becomes an effortless task with Odoo. CRM integration helps the Odoo manufacturing industry to manage the details of all retailers and individual buyers. E-mail and sms communication with the customers and marketing automation support ensures improved business strategies for the fish industry.


If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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