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By: Aneez Kanjirangat

How to run a Dental Clinic in Odoo


The Healthcare industry is a never-ending source of development, with new inventions on drugs and the development of surgical techniques and methodologies. They have come a long way after the initial stages of health care derived from nature and ayurvedic rituals and treatment methodologies to keyhole surgeries, organ transplant, chemotherapy, etc. So is the management of the operation of the healthcare infrastructures. Initially they were managed on a first come first serve basis and taking bookings via tokens and phone calls. Nowadays they have automated website booking and registering on social media platforms.

The management of the operation of large hospitals as well as small clinics have been developed to automated technologies of operation. The various enterprise and resource planning (ERP) software have been developed in recent years which can manage the operation of these kinds of healthcare facilities. These can automate the movement of patients and also help the doctors and the staff of the healthcare department manage them.

The Odoo ERP which is considered as the one-stop business solution for all the needs of an organization can be an effective platform to manage the health establishment. Facilities like dental care clinics can be effectively automated in the management of the patients and the staff.

The Odoo platform can help the clinics to manage the appointments, the doctors and staff also help them to conduct sales of the specified products available in the clinic pharmacy. As Odoo is the integrated business solution for all the operations of a firm it can also provide the accounting and the financial services needed for the clinic. Since the clinic only contains a handful of staff they can be effectively managed in the shifting process without a clash of duties in Odoo. The platform can also allow the users to purchase the tools, medical equipment, medicines, and the products for the pharmacy from the purchase module.

If the user wants to omit the need for various applications in Odoo such as the recruitment, time off, repairs, manufacturing, etc which obviously are not needed at a dentist clinic they can be removed. With the functionality to customize and remove the modules as per the business needs with effective analysis and development, the clinic can be well integrated to Odoo.

This blog will describe how to effectively establish a dental clinic on the Odoo platform by running the following errants: 

Book Dental Appointments

As the user does not want the customers to wait in line for multiple hours for their turn to perform the check-up and minor surgeries, the Odoo platform allows the customer to take appointments online via the website or emails being sent. A dental clinic website can be set up initially describing the facility and the history along with the services being provided. In the website dashboard, the user can create a page of the appointments section where the customers can log in and ask for an appointment as per their schedule in the available hours. On confirmation of the appointment, the user can always notify the customer with a text message or an email.

Effective customer relationship

Customer satisfaction and maintaining a relationship will always boost the business of the clinic. With the help of proper marketing strategies the users can drive the customers to the clinic and turn over the potential clients into customers. Requesting feedback from the customer can always be helpful. The user can generate a feedback survey in the survey module and send it out to the customers after the appointment. The user can always ask about the standards of the facility, staff, and doctors, and the overall experience of the appointment. Obtaining tips and suggestions from the feedback will always help the clinic to improve further.

Human resource management

To manage the doctors and the staff available the Odoo platform allows the user to manage the shift of operation for all the employees. Assigning a specialized doctor to a particular patient with a strange case will always prove out with better results. So the user should initially analyze the needs of the patients and plan accordingly with the doctors available. Allocating a staff nurse to a patient who needs extra care can be managed by the Odoo platform. The employees can also request for the leaves and the time off to the user or the manager who can grant them or reject them considering the situation.

Sales at the clinic pharmacy

The clinic could also have a business opportunity of sales of the medicines at the pharmacy for the patients within the clinic or outsiders. This can be effectively managed with the help of the sales application available on the Odoo platform. The user can always purchase the medicines from the vendors available with the help of the purchase module and manage the stock of the products available with the help of the inventory module available in Odoo. The invoices for the product can be attached to the appointments or can be separately procured from the customer at the pharmacy.

Invoicing the patient

The final part of any clinic operation is the invoicing of the patient based on the services provided. Consulting with the appointment doctor the user can draft the invoice based on the services and the medication being used such as anesthesia, glucose, etc. The invoice can also include the pharmacy invoice attached. Additionally, the platform allows the users to send out the invoices via post or mail or can be handed out directly to the patient. The payment methodologies can be set as online or indirect cash payments. In the case of online payments, platforms such as PayPal or any other online platforms are integrated with the clinic.

From the above-mentioned strategies of Odoo application in a dental clinic, it can be derived that its an effective way to run the business under one platform.

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