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By: Evin Davis

How to Run eTraining Operations with Odoo 15 E-Learning Module

Functional Odoo 15 e-learning

Training is essential for any professional as it will help them quiet and run the operation in the professional aspects with high efficiency and capabilities. They always encourage their employees to attend training sessions scheduled periodically to refresh their memory, provide new insights, and make them capable of meeting the prospects of the future. Moreover, various professionals take up multiple forms of certified training to get credited and acquire knowledge on specific aspects numerous institutions are functioning under this perspective. With the impact of the pandemic, the physical presence to undergo the training was not possible; this made the organizations turn over to virtual means. Today multiple training programs can be attended by professionals through virus means—this is the case of a live session where a trainer explains.

In certain aspects, the professional will need to take up a certification process to be eligible to do certain elements concerning their work. The business will rely on the eLearning platform where the courses are already posted. The candidates, in this case, professionals or employees, can take up the course at any time of their convenience and do the certification. Today, numerous situations are posting the methods. The training sessions on the eLearning platform and certification are also achieved by professionals, which is valid the same way it's done physically. In addition, numerous platforms are available for the eLearning operations needs of the business, which will help them post-certification programs of multiple numbers for the employees and professionals to take it up. However, the issue with most of the platforms is the manageability of the eLearning courses and the certification along with the candidate's management which will fall as a burden to the Training Department and the responsible managers. Therefore, the need for a dedicated solution that will add up to the complete management of the eLearning operation is much needed. This is where the Odoo eLearning platform and the comprehensive Odoo platform come into the picture, offering effective management of the certifications programs and the candidates' management. The Odoo eLearning modules come as complete solutions with dedicated operations tools and functional menus, which can be customized based on the operational and operation need to define the courses and certification programs on each of the courses, which can be determined.

This blog will provide insight on the eLearning module of the Odoo platform and how it will be an effective e-training management solution. What is the Odoo eLearning module? The Odoo eLearning module is the platform version of running the online learning operation for candidates participating in a course or a certification program. The Integrated Learning Management System and the Odoo platform used for business management operations can be considered. Acting as a separate module in the Odoo platform, the eLearning module is interconnected with all other functioning modules. The direct integration with the website module will allow the course creators to post them on the website, and the candidates can take part online. Regarding business operations where they need the employees to undergo certification training, the Odoo eLearning module will be a helpful tool as the various training courses can be defined.

The employees can take up these courses, and the business can define the certifications for each class. The certification programs can be defined as a test the employees can attempt to get certified on the respective training. Moreover, the Odoo eLearning module, and the complete Odoo platform where the distinctive modules of functioning are defined, will be an asset to the business. Let's now understand the salient features of the Odoo eLearning module, which will help run the e-training operation for the business and institutions. Best features of the Odoo eLearning module. The Odoo eLearning module is an advanced tool that will be helpful for organizations to run the e-Training operation for the employees. With the advanced operational capabilities and functional aspects of operations available in the eLearning module of the Odoo platform, the aspects of the definition of courses, certification programs, and all the training aspects can be conducted effectively. Here are sure of the Odoo eLearning module's salient and best features.

- Define the causes and the contents associated with them in a distinctive, organized, and easily accessible way. - The course content can be from documents of audio and video content that the candidates can take up. - The capability to define the concern in the multi-languages based on the region of the candidate who is accessing the course makes a good impression - Capability to define certification for each of the courses which are being defined. - There are multiple types of question types available by default - The passing scores and the point on answering each question can be defined. - The number of attendees on each of the certifications can be limited, and the mandatory question to be answered can be defined. - There is a distinctive Badges configuration menu where the badges can be awarded to each candidate based on their performance in the course. - Capability to receive instant feedback and measure each level's performance and the defined passing scores. - Dedicated Forums and Forums are posting web pages where the causes can be discussed. - Complete and automated real-time report generations abilities with the distinctive reporting menu where the analysis on the different courses and the certification programs defined can be generated. - SEO optimization, Link Tracking capability, and multiple tools to promote the courses and the certification program.

These are certain of the salient and the best features of the Odoo eLearning module which will be helpful for the business and its e-training aspects. In conclusion, the Odoo eLearning module will be an asset and the solution that will provide the business with the capabilities to run the e-training operations. The distinctive menus and the available operational tools will help the business run the training operation effectively and provide certification.

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